Howard Rheingold: Groofer Social Search, Bookmarking and Reader

Advanced Cyber/IO
Howard Rheingold

Groofer Social Search, Bookmarking and Reader

Groofer makes finding and sharing online information easier.

Instead of having to visit multiple web sites, Groofer let’s you and your team share search results and links directly from your browser so that they can be discussed and archived as needed.

You can also subscribe to, read and discuss your favorite feeds as a group and collectively stay informed on what’s important to you.

Making Search Social

Groofer makes searching and bookmarking social within your organization. You can easily rate or leave comments on links, search results and feeds in one secure private social network. Members of your team or work group can view the same results, see your comments, and add their thoughts too.

Sharing and Discussion

Groofer is built for sharing search results, links, news and blog articles, and group messages. It is the ability to add comments and context to search results that sets Groofer apart.

Collective Intelligence

Groofer automatically stores discussions and comments from group members and displays them as you search or read. You don’t have to do anything different. Work groups can also save relevant information on topics or research projects for easy access.

Your Own Private Social Network for Free

Groofer can also work as a private social network for your team or work group. You can create groups, send messages, share links and store information in folders aligned with your projects or interest areas. Try it now!

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