Sponsor Sought: Reach 2,000 Hackers — AND Tanya Pemberton D/OSC x-NRO with In-Q-Tel Sabbatical

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We are seeking a sponsor for the printing and free distribution of 2,000 copies of Robert Steele’s new book, THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth & Trust.  Each book can contain a label on the inside front cover with whatever content the sponsor wishes to provide.  The sponsor can specify the desired distribution, we recommend 1250 to Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) in NYC in July, 500 to Silicon Valley Hackers Conference in November, and 250 split between the Chaos Computer Club in Germany and Hac-Tic in The Netherlands.  Cost per 1000 is $5,000.  There is no other means on the planet by which to reach these specific populations at a cost of $5 each.

One copy of the book will be delivered to Tanya Pemberton, the ex-NRO ex-In-Q-Tel replacement for Doug Naquin.  The idea that the NRO will be decommissioned and Tish Long will be the first Director of the Open Source Agency, with Tanya as her trusty side kick for gutting CIA, is most interesting.

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