Daniel Pinchbeck: End of 5th Sun & Beginning of Everything

Cultural Intelligence
Daniel Pinchbeck

The Cosmic Hour: The End of the 5th Sun and the Beginning of Everything

Jill Ettinger and Baza Novic

Like him or not, the divisive David Icke nailed it when he said that the “great transformation” is about “freeing ourselves of the perceptions, rules, regulations and ‘norms' of the passing energetic era and connecting with the new one.” It seems like everywhere we look this past year we're seeing evidence of this transformation in events like the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, hundreds of protesters marching from New York City to Washington D.C. to rally against genetically modified foods, and in the number of Evolver Spores and other community-oriented groups sharing important films (like Thrive, DMT The Spirit Molecule, Forks Over Knives), supporting new paradigms in festival culture, alternative economy gift circles, skill shares and crowdfunding initiatives that are spreading across the globe as people open and embrace new ways of connecting, new ways of living.

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