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•  InterAct Launches Digital Citizen Embeddable Web App

The Digital Citizen web app is now live at http://www.digitalcitizen.tv/forum_01/embed.html. The app allows website visitors to post video or text comments, share their comments across social networks and vote up the best contributions. We are proud to be working with The Bay Area News Group’s Oakland Tribune and the Maynard Institute on this first use of the Digital Citizen app, to collect comments for an upcoming forum on gun violence in Oakland, CA.

Over the summer the Digital Citizen app will be used in conjunction with television broadcasters and other journalism organizations, to help citizens speak out on national and local issues.

•  The Tea Party – Occupy Connection

“TPOWS” brings Occupy and Tea Party members, independents, centrists, and activists together to find and take action on issues of shared concern. From Tennessee to Oregon, Ft. Wayne to Philly, a growing number of civilized policy discussions and joint efforts are taking place. Digital Citizen has been tracking them at The Tea Party Occupy Connection Chronicle. As the network grows, we will hold a Google+ live webcam “Hangout” event, giving participants across the country a way to connect with each other.

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Digital Citizen builds a bridge between personal media and mass media, by incorporating the faces, voices and ideas of the web-based community, and transforming them via sophisticated facilitation techniques into Informed Citizens who are able play a significant role in television news programs and live events.

Digital Citizen is premised on the belief that, given the opportunity, Americans can become informed participants, rising to the challenges of addressing today’s flawed political realities. Partners and collaborators include the Bay Area News Group, Personal Democracy Media, the League of Women Voters of California, OaklandLocal.com, the young voter website Ourtime.org, The Kansas City Star, and other journalism and community organizations.

Digital Citizen is an initiative of Internews Interactive (InterAct) a non-profit pioneer in citizen engagement since 1998, which serves as a strategic partner in innovative media design. Our clients and partners have included the World Bank, PBS.org, Amnesty International, the San Francisco Sherriff’s Department, Twin Cities Public TV, Link TV, and many more. See digitalcitizen2012.tumblr.com for a detailed description of the Digital Citizen Initiative, and citizenschannel.org for and overview of InterAct’s history.

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