The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 1 Open Sesame Extract II

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Chapter 1 Open Sesame Extract II

Panarchy is an ideal condition in which every individual would be connected to all relevant information and able to participate in every decision of interest to them, from local to global.  Panarchy thus represents direct democracy within a nonhierarchical, open-source context.  In the ideal state of panarchy, every citizen is fully actualized, deeply steeped in integrity and intelligence, and able to participate creatively in the constant social reproduction of their world.

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At its best, panachy provides for near-perfect resilience in the face of great complexity because it reduces the resistance between all human minds and reaction points to near zero.  What this means is every human mind is connected to every other human mind, and to all relevant information; that observations by human immediately reach all other humans (imagine super-Twitter); and that with tools for thinking, the relevant human intelligence can be aggregated and applied to any situation in near-real time.  This is not something corporations or governments can do today.

Open Source Everything and Panarchy are symbiotic–a state of being, a state of mind, a state of the Earth.

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