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The Greatest Dialogue and Deliberation Resource Center

Dear friends,

Many of you already know about the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD).  But I'll bet most of you have not checked out NCDD's incredible (as in unbelievably gigantic and useful) online Resource Center.  It is my own first stop when I'm looking for a process or resource having anything to do with powerful conversations.  People often ask me for stories about community conversations, and I send them to the NCDD Resource Center.  There are materials there for beginners and experts, practitioners and activists, journalists and artists, mediators, anarchists, business consultants… you name it!  It is as democratic and useful as a library or a sidewalk – everybody is welcome.  It is totally free and always expanding.  Anyone interested in any aspect of making a difference with conversations can get familiar with it – and have fun exploring.  I think it is one of the most amazing “secrets” of the dialogue and deliberation movement.

I'll stop raving about it now to give you a few minutes to check it out.  Below is a writeup to get you started.  Have fun!



NCDD's Resource Center –

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) has been cataloguing resources about and for dialogue and deliberation since 2002.  At, you can access more than 2,600 discussion guides, assessment tools, case studies, public engagement programs and organizations, articles, books, videos, and more.

Dialogue and deliberation are innovative processes that bring people together across divides to discuss, decide, and collaborate on today's toughest issues.  NCDD's Resource Center was designed to connect you with the information, guidance, theory, and examples you need to engage people effectively.

You can use the search field, categories and tags, or additional sidebar navigation options to hone in. We especially recommend you use the “I’m Looking For…” sidebar box that lets you cross-search categories and tags. Use the site map at to see a full list of all the categories and tags, or just look over the most recently added resources at  Do you know of a great resource on dialogue, deliberation, or public engagement that should be added to NCDD's Resource Center?  Use the form at to submit your favorites!



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