The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Table of Contents

Manifesto Extracts
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Howard Bloom ix

Author’s Preface xiii

Chapter 1: Open Sesame 1

Changing the Game 9

Panarchy 23

Enter “Radical Man” 26

Terms of Reference 29

Chapter 2: Open-Source Everything 35

Free/Open Source Software 36

Open-Source Hardware and More 39

Open-Source Intelligence 41

The Open-Source Pyramid in Detail 45

Chapter 3:  Manifesto 51

Chapter 4: Philosophical Concepts 59

Truth, Coin of Collective Consciousness 59

Education 66

Transparency 69

Diversity, a Resource of Infinite Wealth 71

Chapter 5: Integrity, Lies, and Panarchy 75

Integrity 79

Lies as Treason 80

Thirteen Big Lies 82

Panarchy and Resilience 86

Chapter 6: Whole-Systems Thinking 93

The Challenge of Complexity 93

Complex Threats to Humanity and the Earth 97

Responding with Flexibility 98

History 100

The Fragmentation of Knowledge 104

Science and Religion 109

Chapter 7: Public Intelligence and the Citizen 113

Taking Control of the Future 114

Calculating True Costs 119

Doing Public Intelligence 127

Blogging for Public Intelligence 130

Participatory Democracy 131

Creating the World Brain and Global Game 136

Conclusion 141

Epilogue: My Conversion Experience

Weaknesses in the World of Secret Intelligence 143

OSINT Rises to the Challenge 153

The Co-Evolution of OSINT 158

The Role of Hackers 164

– – – – –

Learn More 169

Endnotes 171

About the Author 213

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