Berto Jongman: Interesting Global Security Links

Links (Global Security)
Berto Jongman

24 June Uranus Square Pluto

CBME Newsletter

Drone Warfare (Book Review)

Entanglement – Movie Trailer

Extreme Right Wing Movements

Fighting a Pandemic

Flame Developed by Israel and USA

GAO on Aviation Security

Global Security Landscape

Invisible Wars Movie Trailer

Israel – More Bunker Buster Bombs

Jihaddist Twittering

Jihaddist Twitter Use

Meltdown Fires

Putin Shocked by Obama

SIPRI Yearbook 2012

Stuxnet and the Bomb

Syrian WMD

VIDEO: GFUpdates’s Arrests & Galactic Intervention June 19, 2012 07:10 PM

VIDEO: Rumor-mill ARREST DAY? Illuminati banker meeting.

Women and Violence

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