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13th Annual SDi Confab
September 6-9, 2012

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Dear SDi Friend,

In April 1974, Clare W. Graves declared that “human nature prepares for a momentous leap.” At that time, few took him seriously. No one in evolutionary psychology and related fields expressed such a viewpoint.

And now, four decades later, we have clear evidence that such a major shift or transformation is in process. Almost everybody in our business knows about it and talks about it. Fear is spreading widely as alarms are sounded in the media all during our 24/7 news cycles. Chicken Little is convinced the sky is falling. Maybe it is.

I first met Professor Graves in 1975, when he invited me to fly to Rexford, New York and Union College to explore ways to work together. What I discovered back then was that he had a mature, fully-developed, and well-researched framework for preparing for just such a “leap” – for individuals, organizations and entire societies. It was a massive tome of work that continues to amaze me.There was nothing like it in the evolutionary literature, in academic journals, in public training programs or, most certainly, in the yet-to-form Integral world decades later.

While Graves’ health was bad, I just insisted that he stay around for at least ten more years. I provided financial and emotional support to keep his mind and memory vibrant, focused, and relevant. By that time, we were naming his “emergent, cyclical, double-helix, bio-psycho-social model” Spiral Dynamics. You know why. At his insistence, I began to expand the point of view, find difficult places to field-test its validity and effectiveness, and generated a number of new assessment systems and user-friendly presentations in multiple cultures and disciplines.

During this 13th Annual Confab on the “The Momentous Leap,”  we plan to introduce you to aspects of Graves’ work that none has seen before, with a focus on practical applications to address the critical issues that we now face as we anticipate such a leap.  We plan to take on the most challenging problems that face us as we encounter a great amount of chaos, turbulence, and uncertainty in our “never-ending quest” to survive and prosper on the planet.

We ourselves have spent the last 38 years offering workshops, giving media interviews, writing books and articles, and engaging thought leaders around the world. Arguably, this combination of Graves/Spiral Dynamics is the most recognized and used Integral model, employed in many countries and in multiple languages.

When you see our body of work in its pure form, you recognize how others have incorporated large sections of the Spiral Dynamics language and even the use of “colors” in their own work. It has become the standard model that has shaped the thinking of millions. Just Google it and see for yourself. The entire SDi package continues to spread through the cyberworld in a viral way as more and more people discover it every day.

While early on we focused on the Spiral itself, in order to insert the foundational scaffolding to begin to close developmental gaps, today a new approach is needed – one that continues to spread the ideas through more expansive media forms that include horizontal as well as vertical distribution.

Here are the main themes we will explore and develop at this year’s Confab:

* New economic models that fit the new life conditions

* New political models at local and global levels

* Fresh understanding of how change actually happens

* Powerful, new decision-making systems around Functional Analysis

* New and exciting research techniques and metrics to track change and stability (including special sessions led by Christopher Cooke and Sheila Cooke on  exploring the advanced applications of   Online PeopleSCAN as a provider of data and  information that guide Natural Design and Natural Design decisions)

* Ways to defuse polarization and high ego-involvement in  cultures and leadership

* Using a new tool kit to connect the dots, design  structures, and generate high levels of creativity and  innovation

Presenters and faculty that will assist me in leading the Confab will comprise a stellar team of veteran SDi practitioners Wigglesworth, and Dr. Bruce Gibb. We will also feature a number of top notch “Live Wire” tele-contributions from around the world.


Note that we have drastically lowered all prices, for this event only, due to the economic climate. Take advantage  of this unique opportunity in these lean times to equip and empower yourself for the next upswing to abundance.

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We look forward to having you with us at this important gathering in this significant year!


PS. Don’t forget: We offer our SDi foundational Level One certification training on September 3-5 in Dallas, immediately prior to the Level Two Confab. Please pass the word on to your friends and colleagues who may not yet have experienced the full and very rich 3-day grounding in the model.


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