Event: 14-15 June Rio de Janeiro Unconference on Culture & Sustainability

Cultural Intelligence, Politics
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Unconference: Culture and Sustainability in Rio+20

ECO 92 and its discussions led to the structuring of sustainable development around three main pillars: the environmental, the economic and the social. But what is the role of culture in this trinity? Is it subsumed within the social field? Is it an additional 4th pillar? Or, Is there a possible new configuration? In Brazil, we have been exploring these themes in several ways.

During Rio+20, the Ministry of Culture will deepen the exploration of these themes by holding the ‘Unconference: Culture and Sustainability in the Rio +20’ on June 14th and 15th in two warehouses in the port area of Rio de Janeiro.

Themes and Curators:

– Creative and Sustainable Cities – Tiao Rocha

– The Development of Culture to Human Scale – Patrick Belloy

– Traditional Knowledge and the Culture of Sustainability – Alfredo Wagner

– Digital Culture and Sustainability – Michel Bauwens

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