Information Operations Newsletter Vol 12 No 07

IO Newsletter
ARSTRAT IO Newsletter

ARSTRAT IO Newsletter v12 no 07

Articles in this month’s issue:

1.         Army Cyber Pros Pitch In With Network Evaluation
2.         Platforms and Upgrades Will Change Electronic Warfare
3.         GPS Vulnerable To Hacks, Jamming
4.         Beijing’s Battle Plan
5.         U.S. Seen As Iran ‘Cyberarmy’ Target
6.         File On Hitler's Mental State Turns Up In Cambridge Home
7.         Profile of Adolf Hitler from 1942 uncovered
8.         Major Cyber Attack Aimed At Natural Gas Pipeline Companies
9.         Afghan National Security Forces Develop Information Operations
10.       Omaha Cast Net That Caught Cyberthieves
11.       Army Wants To Monitor Your Computer Activity
12.       A Clunky Cyberstrategy
13.       Us Army Cyber Command Has Never Seen A Cyber Attack
14.       Video: Chinese Information Warfare seminar
15.       Adm. McRaven Defends U.S. Information Operations Overseas
16.       China ‘Pursuing Steady Military Build-Up'
17.       Winning Without Fighting: Chinese Legal Warfare
18.       Read No Evil – Senior Censor Defends Work, Denies Playing Big Brother
19.       NORAD, NORTHCOM Launch Joint Cyber Division
20.       Army Cyber Talks Strategic Vision, Operations with Swedish Delegation
21.       Hillary Clinton Confirms US Al-Qa'ida Cyber Attack
22.       Meet ‘Flame’, The Massive Spy Malware Infiltrating Iranian Computers
23.       21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare
24.       A Quiet Opening: North Koreans in a Changing Media Environment
25.       The ‘Art of Clandestine Courier Delivery' Helped Bin Laden Stay Hidden for So Long
26.       Iran Deploys the Photoshop Weapon

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