The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 1 Open Sesame Extract III

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Chapter 1 Open Sesame Extract III

…when the human is commoditized, capitalism fails; when the human is unleashed, capitalism benefits all.

The industrial era sentences most men and women and children to lives as inert “cogs” in a system that denies their humanity, and in denying their humanity, represses the very God-given or cosmos-inherent capacities that we alone among all the beasts possess; the capacity to innovate and create beyond any individual's wildest imagination, but working together in the aggregate, using shared information and collective sense-making as a foundation for eradicating waste and achieving optimal harmonious wealth creation for all.

. . . . .

In my view, the many spiritual movements that seek to expand human consciousness and foster a sense of community have failed in one vital respect: they have not focused on the urgency of putting humans in touch with real-world information, not just “themselves.”

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