The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 2 Open-Source Everything Extract II

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Chapter 2 Open-Source Everything Extract II

OpenBTS is t he open-source software/hardware combination that replicates cellular phone services using open spectrum, enabling free and very low-cost communications.  Combined with mesh networks and other means of disconnecting from the government/telecommunications monopoly of the grid, OpenBTS is the foundation “liberation technology” and is central to the release of humanity from corrupt hierarchies and their “rule by secrecy.”

When the five billion poor receive OpenBTS and have access to the Internet, everything will change.

. . . . . . . . .

It is my personal and professional belief–as someone deeply concerned about both security and intelligence–that security can only be achieved through pure transparency not secrecy.  Intelligence can only be maximally effective if it is open and collective.  At present, the contract between the secret intelligence community and the alternative open-source intelligence community could not be starker.  This illustrates the failure of banks, corporations, governments, and non-governmental organizations (such as global charities, with the Red Cross coming to mind) to act purely in the public interest.   There are two reasons for this: one, because they can hide behind secrecy and not be accountable for some or all of their acts; and two, because in the absence of public intelligence, the public is impotent.

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