20120702 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

Open Source

How Red Hat Decides Which Open Source Companies To Buy

Open Access

Cambridge University Press Launches Two New Open Access Journals

HuffPost Pollster API Enables Open Access To Polling Data

June 30, 2012 Dramatic Growth of Open Access

Namibia: Unam Involved in Open Access Intitiative

Open Access Journal: Jewish Studies, an Internet Journal (JSIJ)

Study examines possible publication bias and conflict of interest in article reprints

The Finch Report on Open Access: Quick Overview

The inevitability of open access  June 28th, 2012

Wiley extends open access option to over 80 percent of journals

Open Cloud

HP Cloud Plans Focus on Open Source, Management

Opscode Announces Integration with Google Compute Engine

Rackspace and the open cloud

Sony buys cloud gaming outfit Gaikai for $380m

Open Communication

Open Communication Fights Teen Rebelliousness – By Teen Experts At West Ridge Academy

Open Courseware

Blackboard Announces Moodle Code Contributions from NetSpot and Moodlerooms

Computer Science: Can watching video lectures, such as the MIT Open Courseware, be an effective way to learn computer science?

Open Data

More data should be released, but only with extra anonymity checks, says Government

Open data opens up the law to all

Possible sources of an Open Data citation advantage

(UK) All roads lead to open data

(UK) DCLG Open Data Strategy: April 2012 – April 2014

(UK) Open Data White Paper: Unleashing the Potential

Welsh Government must be transparent for good of public services

Open Education

4 Keys to Curbing the Cost of Course Materials

HBMeU becomes first Arab and regional university to contribute in formulation of Paris Open Education Resources Declaration

Science Education and Open Education Resources

Open Government

EDITORIAL: A step toward open government

International Open Government Data Conference 2012 – Liveblog & webcast

Legislative Bill and Government Contract Metadata Added to New York State Open Government Site

(Sierra Leone) OGI embarks on national Citizen’s Report Card survey

Open Knowledge

Creating, Sharing and Applying Open Knowledge in the Digital Age

Open Manufacturing

Pentagon dishes out funding for rapid manufacturing technologies

Open Media

This Week on Gorilla Radio : Stopping the TTP  Trap

Open Mobile

Deutsche Telekom Joins Telefonica on Mozilla Mobile-Phone System

Mozilla's Firefox OS to Bear Smartphone Fruit in 2013

Mozilla's Firefox OS Wins Mobile Carrier Support

Mozilla Gains Global Support For a Firefox Mobile OS

Mozilla’s HTML5 Phone Project, Now Christened Firefox OS, Signs Sprint and Other Carriers

Mozilla Preps Launch of Firefox Mobile OS

Mozilla to launch Firefox for phones

Some Carriers To Adopt New Firefox OS Mobile Platform

Sprint Backs Mozilla Plans For Open HTML5 Phone OS

Open Science

Can banking help fight health inequalities?

Open Skies

Russia and Canada become Arctic allies?

Open Society

Legal Empowerment: An Integrated Approach to Justice and Development

Open Source Software

Sometimes Open Source Software Just Wins

Open Standards

OGC North America Open Standards Exposition

Polycom Holds Majority Market Share for Videoconferencing Systems in China

Open Textbooks

Saylor Foundation Open Textbooks Made Available to Colleges via GoodSemester

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