20120704 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

20120629 Open Source Everything Highlights

Open Source

Open Access

The IBZ Online Database Now Features [1,323] Open Access Journals

Open Cloud

The Right Storage, the Right Cloud

Open Communication

Proof (almost) that swift and open crisis communication preserves business value

Open Courseware

Content is King—3 Open Courseware Opportunities for Writers

Open Data

County pleased with open house results

Francis Maude: “I’d like to make FOI redundant”

Government unlocks new wave of open data

Open data in Regina, open minds at Microsoft

Quebec unveils central website for data

(Spain) ‘En boca cerrada….’: open data in Catalunya today

Twitter releases list of government data requests

Video: Charities should be the gold standard of transparency

Open Education

Are open educational resources the key to global economic growth?

Open Governance/Government

B.C. ends 8-year privacy battle over IBM contract

B.C. government reluctantly releases previously-secret $300 million IBM contract

Brea Matters Tilting at Mindmills

Estonia supports advancement of open governance in Moldova and Montenegro

(Russia) ‘Open government’ is barely open after 8 months of operation; new tech helps you sit up straight

Open Hardware

How Open Source Hardware Is Driving the 3D-Printing Industry

Official (And Open-Source) iFixit App Hits The Play Store – Tear Down And Repair From Anywhere

Open Source Robot Lets Anyone Explore the Oceans

Open Journalism

Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert – video

Open Journals

Prof Pierrde de Villiers, CEO of Open Journals Publishing

Open Knowledge

A Dialog on Social Business Manifesto (OpenKnowledge Co-Founders)

Free, open ebook offers ideas for rebooting American government

Guest post: What does ‘open knowledge’ have to do with ‘open development’?

Open source and open knowledge

Open Materials

DIY magnetic ink

Open Mobile

Open Mobile Alliance Demo Day: 12 July Brooklyn NYC OMA Member Companies Presenting Real World Product Demonstrations

Open Primary

Arizona Top-Two Open Primary Initiative to be Submitted on July 5

Open Science

UW scientists play key role in discovery of a new particle consistent with Higgs boson

Open Skies

Book review: Open Skies, Closed Minds

Open Space Technology

(Zimbabwe) Open Space Technology Newsletter

Open Software

SAP Open Source initiative progressing well

Open Standards

Colectica Releases Open Source Blaise to DDI Metadata Converter

Digital video’s killer-app-factor: open source openness

How to Obtain the NXDN™ Open Standards

Standards Executives Convene the Inaugural Standards Leadership Council Forum

Why We Still Need the Open Source VLC Media Player

Open Textbooks


Open Textbooks and Learner Accessibility: Standards, Design, & Formats


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