Michel Bauwens: Jean Lievens on Peer Production and Co-Production

Michel Bauwens

Peer Production and Co-Production: A New Approach to Solving Common Problems Together – College Open Textbooks Community

Aalto University in Finland has a new publication: Towards Peer Production in Public Services: Cases from Finland available for free download. The book’s description reads: “There are many challenges and opportunities in designing, developing and maintaining services for participatory modes of governance, not to mention their co-creation and peer-to-peer aspects. We ask what can be learned from the current research, and what is happening already beyond academia? With the aim to increase the opportunities for dialogue between the Finnish scene and the international context, we have gathered this collection of articles that deal broadly with the relationships between peer-to-peer dynamics, and public services.

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Most of the cases presented are illustrative of recent developments and discussions in Finnish society, however, also included are broader international perspectives, giving historical reflection and future-oriented speculation on how peer production might affect the structures of our society.”

KF:  An interesting book available under a reasonably new “copyfarleft” licensing arrangement.  The book provides some useful insights into openness and peer/collaborative production strategies.  It brings to mind the Cachalot (http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/cachalot/id458866319?mt=8) book from Duke University where expertise is crowd-sourced, peer review is managed and distribution is open-source.  These new models of content creation and distribution are set to challenge the established (dis)order of publishing and distribution.  Thanks to Yves Simon for the suggestion.

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