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Open Source Everything

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All the Opens Below the Line .  Also Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


Crowdfunding 101: The Social Funding Craze – Part 1

Tom Walsh: Crowd funding takes private equity to the masses

(United Kingdom) Kicking The Kingdom: Kickstarter Coming To UK



Crowd-sourcing FOIs – what do you want to know about your Beeb?

Crowdsourcing, Limited Partnerships And Other Tools For Financing Our Clean-Energy Future

Duolingo Founder Talks Crowdsourcing, Challenges Of Startups On Reddit

Everyone Agrees: Crowdsourcing Sucks

Olympics 2012: police app will monitor growing crowds in London

Penny Arcade and Steam turn to crowdsourcing

Poptent Raises $5.5 Million to Support Continued Growth, Surpasses 50,000 Members and $5 Million in Creator Cash Payments

The Key To Crowdsourcing? Smarter Crowds

Trophy Slots Develops New Bonus Level Based on Community Feedback

Will crowdsourcing disrupt the advertising business?


Apple and HTC agree on mid-December date for ITC trial in new enforcement action

FOSS Patents explains the news on Nokia, RIM, Nexus 7, HTC patent drama

Free, Open Source Office Suite, Coming to Android

LibreOffice 3.6 approaches with first RC

LibreOffice 3.6.0 RC1

New Version of Cloud Scheduler Software Enables VM Reservations, Reduces VM Sprawl, and Supports VMware VSphere 5

Open Source (General)

From software to loo roll: filmmaker plans to live open source for a year

Gigascience Offers Readers More Than Just Open-Source Papers

Man Tries To Live an Open Source Life For a Year

Open Source Opens the Door to Women

‘Open source’ your ideas!

OSEHRA Open Source Community Celebrates 1,000th Member

The Big Data and Cloud Computing Trends Depend on Open Source

Why People Seem to Love Closed Systems

Open Access

Dealing with data

European research chief warns that austerity is hitting science excellence

European Research Council renews its commitment to open access by joining Europe PubMed Central

Landmark decision by ITU Council on proposal for public consultation and open access

Open Access Is Not for Scientists. It’s for Medical Students

Open access scheme faces more delays

(Philippines) Meralco seeking faster [electrical] open access preparations

The Importance of Open Access: An Interview with Patient Advocate Graham Steel

(USA) Fitch Affirms Southwest Power Pool at ‘A’; Outlook Stable

Open Borders

Vince Cable touts benefits of open borders and open data

Open Ballot Access / Open Elections / Open Primaries

‘Save Our Vote’ to oppose Open Elections/Open Government Act initiative

Open Cloud

Open Cloud Roundup: Top Headlines Week of July 9

White Paper: The Sugar Open Cloud

Open Communication

Encourage Questions to Improve Open Communication

(Pennsylvania) Trustees’ efforts continue to enhance accessibility and communication

Open Culture

Alan Watts and His Zen Wisdom Animated by Creators of South Park

Open Data

Big Data – Launch Pad For Big Ideas

(Canada) Interview: Mark Opausky on open data

Canadian government improving database accessibility: Clement

Dealing with data

Linked Open Data In Action In World War I Showcase Project

Open data conference finds IT managers are newest challenge

Open Government Data Tutorial

Suning.com Publishes Open Platform Strategy For China

(United Kingdom) What next for government open data?

Vince Cable touts benefits of open borders and open data

Open Democracy

Canada to open embassy in Myanmar

Open Education

Longreads: Big Data, Africa’s True Mobile Revolution, Open Education, World Economy Report Card

Using Open Education Resources (OERs)

Open Governance / Open Government

(Arizona) Lowering the political bar — on us. Again.

Open Government Data Tutorial

Open Hardware

Apertus Announces Axiom Camera: 4K at 150fps, 15 Stop Dynamic Range, Under $10K

Apertus – open source cinema Project/Software/Hardware Introduction (Online Post)

Apertus – open source cinema Project/Software/Hardware Introduction (YouTube)

OpenROV, an open hardware & open software diving robot

Open Innovation

Leading Open Innovation Experts Meet in London

Open Knowledge

Dotty Elliot liked World Bank Open Knowledge Repository: Opening up IDA Replenishment Documents?

Open Media

Glen Johnson after open media training in Chicago talks Andrzej Fonfara fight

Open Media Boston (OMB) Back from Hiatus

Open Meetings

(Georgia)  County lets in the sun

(Texas) Councilwoman protests use of closed meetings

Open Mobile

Summary of the Open Mobile Alliance Messaging Workshop 12 July 2012, Brooklyn USA

Open Platform

Suning.com Publishes Open Platform Strategy For China

Open Records

(Georgia)  Transparency in Government

(Iowa) Court: U. of Iowa can shield 2007 assault records

(Kentucky) Barren officials appeal decision in open records case

(New Jersey) ACLU sues over attorney general’s refusal to release records

(Pennsylvania) How Open Records law would have stopped sex abuse sooner at Penn State

(South Carolina) SC judge rules that coroner’s written autopsy reports not subject to open records laws

(Texas) YCT files open records request on Dewhurst speech removal

Open Science

How to get the evidence message across

On the Frontlines of Wikipedia’s ‘Editorial Wars’

Open Science News on Twitter

The Importance of Open Access: An Interview with Patient Advocate Graham Steel

Open Security

Instagram Patches Security Vulnerability

Security Flaws Found in Tridium’s Niagara Framework

Open Skies

Kyrgyz applaud, denounce ‘open skies’ policy

(Philippines) Aquino: Pocket open skies, infra boosting tourism

Open Society

Historic Fellowship Seeks to Improve the Lives of Black Males

Repealing the Sedition Act for a more open society

Ten Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work

West’s battle for Russian ‘hearts and minds’: NGOs on steroids (Op-Ed)

Open Software

A French open source software specialist woos U.S. e-retailers

Digsby becomes Open Source project

New Open Source Software Available for Download on AXTSoftware.com

OpenROV, an open hardware & open software diving robot

Open source on the advance in Italy

Open Standards

Can Open Standards For Joint C4ISR Data Collaboration Be Achieved?

Open Vocabularies

Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) Annoucement

True Cost

The True Cost of Debt


‘Unconference’ is latest effort to help businesses use social media

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