DefDog: Musubi Brings Openness to Mobile Social Networking

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Very interesting….from the summary statement:

Our point is that social networks are today’s version of AOL and CompuServe, not the Web and SMTP email—a service model that’s in conflict with the open, standards-based Internet. Furthermore,even though they’ve evolved to support mobile devices, today’s social services were designed for the era of PC-based Web browsers, not handheld smartphone apps.

If you’re thinking, “There must be a better way,” you’re right. In this report we’ll examine some groundbreaking research aimed at bringing openness to social networking on mobile devices.

Phi Beta Iota:  Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all “dead men walking.”  They have failed to make the leap to the mix of open source everything and creating intelligence (decision-support) with integrity, settling instead for information overload with no integrity.

PDF: Musubi Brings Openness to Mobile Social Networking

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