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Open Source Everything

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All Opens Below Line .  Also Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


Crowd funding concept reaches Bhojpuri industry

Crowd-Funding — It’ll Make You Feel Better!

Gwar Frontman Working On RPG Game

Side Dishes: Crowd-funding website helps Vermont businesses

The Pitfalls of Crowdsourcing


Crowdsourcing a Translation Question

Crowdsourcing Your Dental Practice’s Branding

Lay’s goes on Facebook with $1 million prize for new flavor

Mexico Can Fight Crime by … Crowdsourcing

One Day & One Leap Forward for Fortune 500 Crowdsourcing

Retail Top 100 2012, No. 57: Retail crowdsourcing

The Ever Expanding Dynamic World of Internet Crowdsourcing

Trada Challenges Crowdsourcing Status Quo with new “Optimizer Matching” and “Expertsourcing” Model

Ukritic Taps Into the Crowd-Sourcing Trend to Provide Reviews on Products Like Acnezine Skin Treatment


2-3 Aug 2012 Boston Student Affairs Technology Unconference – Boston

11 Aug 2012 DC Open Space Technology in Implementing System Change

15 Aug 2012 NYC Social Media (Mini) Unconference

17-23 Sep 2012 Helsinki Open Knowledge Festival

27 Sep 2012 Paris Open Data throughout the world

6 Nov 2012 Denver Face2Face 2012 and (un)Conference 2012

Open Source (General)

Eaves: Open source communities need simple social “hacks?

Economic impact of open source on small business

New life for the Open Source Initiative

Open Source Initiative Accepting Individual Members


Appeals court once again denies stay of preliminary injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Is there any free software i could download to open ODT files?

Italian Province of Trentino Approves Free Software Law

LibreOffice 3.6 RC1 released for testing and user feedback (PPA available)

LibreOffice Writer Introduction

NX, LibreOffice, Groupwise 2012 & Evolution

Open Access

Commission launches new push to complete the European Research Area

Elsevier announces participation in SCOAP3 with journals Physics Letters B and Nuclear Physics B

Elsevier Launches New Open Access Journal: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports

EU pushes for more access to scientific research

Europe backs open access

Gold rush will harm research without tackling article fees

Horizon 2020 research articles to be accessible for free

OATI Prepared for Full Compliance with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 764

Open Access Journal: zenith BusinessReport

Open access plan is no academic spring

Open access review of Wales begins

Starting an Open Access Journal: a step-by-step guide

STM criticises EC stance on ‘green’ Open Access

Open Communication

Open Communication Ensures Quality Relationships

Open Cloud

Rackspace to Extend Open Ecosystem of Cloud Technologies

Twitter’s Open Source Big Data Tool Comes to the Cloud Courtesy of Nodeable

Open Code

Black Duck Launches Open Data Initiative, New Code Search Engine

Open Culture

The scariest part of “Breaking Bad” is how accurately it portrays the drug trade: http://cultr.me/NX7FJo

Open Data

27 Sep 2012 Paris Open Data throughout the world

Civics, Sweat, and Open Data: A Recipe for the Future of Government

Crooked Timber: Open data roundup

Intelligent Traffic Systems Need Open Data

Open Data for Development Camp Nairobi

Open data’s good outweighs its potential for abuse, says expert

Opening Government Data. But Why?

Remarks by World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim at “Evidence and Impact: Closing the Gender Gap”

The World Bank Published Report on “The Journey of Open Government and Open Data Moldova”

Open Democracy

Democracy Under Everything

(South Africa) ODAC’s new offices!

Open Education

Cape Town Startup Wins Global Video Competition

Maintaining a Healthy Open Educational Resources Ecosystem

“Why Open Education Matters” Video Contest Winners

Open Governance / Open Government

Democracy Under Everything

Groups Call Arizona Initiative Unconstitutional

The World Bank Published Report on “The Journey of Open Government and Open Data Moldova”

Open Hardware

High altitude flight uses radio and open hardware

Music for Flesh and Xth Sense Biophysical Open Hardware, FILE festival Sao Paulo

Open Hardware News

Open source hardware company littleBits raises $3.65 million

Open Health

OMG, LCOI! Open Source Pharma: Creative Commons Coming To Pharma

Open Innovation

(Georgia) IdeaConnection: Open Innovation success story: Open Innovation: Goldcorp Challenge

(United Kingdom) Charities supported to unlock ‘inventive approaches of commercial world’

Open Intelligence

Open source offense could be our best defense against cyberattacks [growing legs, getting replayed]

Open Knowledge

17-23 Sep 2012 Helsinki Open Knowledge Festival

Open Manufacturing

ArduSkyBot v1.0, an open source educational printbot

Open Meetings

(California) Mandate or No, Open Meetings Law Will Continue, City Says

(California) REGION: State budget maneuver suspends open meetings law

(Georgia) Open meetingsDoes attendance reflect public’s level of interest?

(Illinois) District 113A closed meeting minutes detail ex-superintendent Ricker’s last days, show potential public access law violations

(Michigan) Jackson councilman, press attorney question transparency in Larry Shaffer severance deal

(Texas) What is the Open Meetings Act?

Open Mobile / OpenBTS / OpenMoko

Encrypted calling app RedPhone goes open source on Android

Open Mobile Alliance Proposes Standard 2D Barcode Handling System for Mobile Phones

Openmoko smartphone reborn as hackable GTA04

Open Records

(Kentucky)  Review panel will protect children; but state wrong to withhold records

(New Jersey) Fort Monmouth more secretive now than before?

(New Mexico) Eagle Nest, Cimarron, Red River councilors never created official email accounts

(Pennsylvania) Our take: Apply open records law to Penn State

(Pennsylvania) Supreme Court ruling could be a pyrrhic victory for transparency advocates

Open Science

Open and Shut: #OpenScience, #OpenAccess and #OpenData round-up

Open science in a land of poetry

Open Science is already being practiced

Open Skies

(Cyprus) Government sends CY law back to the House

Gulf Airlines Set Sights On Saudi Skies

Israeli Transport Minister Katz comes under diplomatic pressure to ink Open Skies pact

Open Society

(Asia)  Open Markets, Open Minds and an Open Society

(Eastern Europe) LGBTI rights in Eastern Europe: Between Hope and Despair

(South Africa) Fighting for disability rights

(Tennessee) Judge grants Tennessee mosque’s petition to open

Open Software

Black Duck Launches Open Data Initiative, New Code Search Engine

Dell Solidifies Commitment to Open Source, Developers at OSCON

Open Source CRM Startup X2Engine adds Email Campaigns

Open Source Mozilla Firefox 14 Gets Pointer Lock API

Smart Grid Researcher Releases Open Source Meter-Hacking Tool

Open Space (Technology)

Open Space Technology in Implementing System Change

Open Standards

Chartboost Among First MATA Partners to Implement Open-Source API; AdColony and W3i also Commit to Creating Industry Standard Reporting for Mobile App Marketers

True Cost

Britons out of sync with true cost of care

It’s Only a Gallon. The True Cost of Food.

Moody’s Triples Pension Debt Estimates

RFF ON THE ISSUES: Development and Wildfires; True Cost of Electric Power; Health Benefits of Cleaner Energy

The true cost of Olympic uniforms


entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for a chance to be a part of launchhouse accelerator

Face2Face 2012 and (un)Conference 2012

Social Media (Mini) Unconference (NYC)

Student Affairs Technology Unconference – Boston

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