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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost

Crowd Funding

A Crowd Funding Platform for Award Entries

Lisa McCarthy Interviews Charlie Tribbett of Bolstr

Lisa McCarthy Interviews Crowd Funding Expert Ralph Liu

Local crowd-funding enterprise boosts area farmers

Magrunner: Dark Pulse Nears its Crowd-Funding Goal


Chicago is Crowdsourcing Watering 10,000 Trees During Drought

Crowdsourcing Personalized Online Education – UW/MSR 2012 Summer Research Institute

One Crowdsourcing Expert's Great Answer to a Silly Question

Twitter Takes to the Skies as Thomson Airways Becomes the World's First Airline to Name a Dreamliner Plane Via Crowd Sourcing

What's the best way to launch a new crowdsourcing startup? Just crowdsource the marketing campaign, says Cambridge-based PieceWise


2-3 Aug 2012 Open Source and Hardware Symposium (South Africa)

5-7 Nov 2012 Barcelona  Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012


Android developer fights pirates with free software

Apple seeks $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung, offers half a cent per standard-essential patent

Can Office 365 convince you that renting software is a good deal?

Choice between commercial vs free software product [closed]

Django Workshop at Free Software Master 2012

Free Software and Open Hardware

Looking Over Zimbra, LibreOffice 3.6 Prep Work

Run LibreOffice In Google Chrome, Chromebooks

What are the benefits of using a free and open source software?

Open Access

(Australian) ARC chief open to access

MedOANet welcomes communication and recommendation on Open Access from European Commission

Open Access Journal: CRSN Newsletter

Open Access Journal: SOAS Literary Review

(New York) New Pig Models for Cancer Studies

(New Zealand)  Community Tech Centre to open in Castlecliff

(Philippines) 150-MW For Open Access Customers

Open Cloud

Reflections on OSCON 2012 and the Future of Open Cloud

Working Through Multiple Open Cloud Formats

Open Communication

(New Zealand) Communication audit report to be considered

(New Zealand) Council ‘culturally reluctant' to be open

Open Courseware

YouTube: Open Courseware Consortium

Open Culture

Gypsy Bashavel

Listen to T.S. Eliot Read His Modernist Masterpieces “The Waste Land” and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”

Prof. Ronald Mallett Wants to Build a Time Machine in this Century, and He’s Not Kidding. Video: http://is.gd/zbW87a

uTorrent Helps Artists Monetize Free Content

Open Cyber

Cyber security workshop for cops at GFSU

Open Data

Open Data Initiatives at USAID Reflect Move Towards Collaboration, Enabling Efforts

Open data user group's Olympic launch sets tone for powerful future

Research and Markets: Open Data: IT and Telecom Positions in the Open Data Value Chain Report Presents Strategies Followed By the Various IT and Telecom Players

The Open Research Data Handbook

Open Democracy

Coding for Democracy Hackathon!

Norway’s minister of foreign affairs on the value of Breivik’s open trial

Review of “The Rise of Social Government” by the Fels Institute

The Troubled Families initiative: a new kind of state help, a new form of intrusion


Ben Horowitz Explains Why Tiny Startup Nicira Was Worth $1.26 Billion To VMware (VMW)

VMW Q2 In Line; to Buy ‘OpenFlow’ Startup Nicira for $1.1B

VMware to Acquire OpenFlow Pioneer Nicira for $1.26 Billion

Why VMware bought Nicera? Two videos to watch

VIDEO: From GIGAOM STRUCTURE 2012: After Software-defined Networks, the Software-defined Data Center

VIDEO: From GIGAOM STRUCTURE 2011: From Openflow to Virtualized Networks

Open Governance / Open Government

Bulgaria e-gov project to shine light on government spending

California Focus: One-party government fosters secrecy

(California) Supervisors, San Diego Council Vow to Preserve Open Government Policies

(California) Watchdog Group Launches Petition to Protect Brown Act

(New York) Open government and the Cuomo Administration (Video)

Open Government: South Carolina Ranks Dead Last

Open is Smart: Moldova’s open government initiative changes a paradigm of country development

Sunshine on the Sunshine: What’s Really Wrong with California’s Landmark Open Meeting Law

(Washington) Candidates Krogh, Pellett agree with Washington Coalition of Open Government priorities

Open Hardware

2-3 Aug 2012 Open Source and Hardware Symposium (South Africa)

Finding the Limits of Open Hardware: Examples and End Cases

Free Software and Open Hardware

Open Hardware Licensing: Why? How?

Open Innovation

Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program

Product Licensing in an Era of Open Innovation

Startup Pilots Healthcare Innovation Platform

Open Journalism

Open journalism isn't a phrase; it's a craft. One place that craft is being perfected is the BBC's World Have Your Say. http://bit.ly/QrT7V4

Open Journals

Scholarly publication in (slow) transition to open access

Open Knowledge

Open Transport Data at Open Knowledge Festival

Open Life

Date objects in JSON

Open Media

Sponsor Shoutout – Open Media Foundation

Open Meetings

(California) Several cities say they will continue to follow suspended state open-meeting rules

(California) Supervisors poised to uphold open meeting law, despite state action

(Indiana) Public access seminar explains open records, public meetings

(Kansas) Shawnee County DA Continues Kansas Open Meetings Probe

(Kansas) USD 231 schedules finance committee meeting

Sunshine on the Sunshine: What’s Really Wrong with California’s Landmark Open Meeting Law

Open Plans

Open Plans Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund New iPhone Transit App

Open Records

(Hawaii) Not So Public: Open Records Agency Takes Up Our Appeal, 1 Year Later

(Wisconsin) Records show Skyward accepted Wis. tax break offer

(North & South Carolina) N.C., S.C. flunk public records

(USA) Flawed open records laws limit access to state government

Open Repositories

Coming late to the game: how to create a totally integrated (!) repository system

Open Science

How To Get Impact Factor

Open Security

Qualys Open-Source Mobile Security Tool Debuts at Black Hat

Open Skies

Opportunity, and snags, for African low-cost airline

Open Software

2-3 Aug 2012 Open Source and Hardware Symposium (South Africa)

5-7 Nov 2012 Barcelona  Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012

Firefox 15 reduces memory consumption

HP's Enyo 2 Open-Source WebOS Offshoot Exits Beta

Linux 3.5 Advances Open Source Stability

Linus Torvalds holds ‘ultimate authority' on Linux

Oracle courts CentOS users

Oracle ‘winding Down' Open-source HPC Language Project Started Under Sun

Oracle ‘winding down' open source HPC language project started under Sun (DARPA Project Fortress)

Should Software Created By The Federal Gov't Be Open Source Licensed… Or Public Domain?

Open Spending

Bulgaria e-gov project to shine light on government spending

Caring for My Neighbourhood – Geolocating Spending in Brazil

Open Standards

Europe's doomed plan to avoid Microsoft lock-in

HP Networking built on scalable open standards

True Cost

City's water flows to Forsyth County below cost

Less Than Zero: The True Cost of College

The True (and Truer) Cost of Debt – How Compound Interest Works Against You

The True Cost of Overpopulation

True cost of alcohol related ambulance call-outs revealed

True costs to Penn State unknown

What Is The True Cost Of America's Obsession With Guns?


Ami Bloomer, Give What Your Good At

Lessons from the unconference

Unconference forges connections even as it adds new skills
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