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Big Bat USA Restores Democracy

Joe Trippi, Zephyr Teachout and a handful of others — and the Deaniacs, made history with the BigBat fund-raising tool. However, it was a one-way channel and it did not do crowd-sourcing, deliberative democracy, or comprehensive constant auditing of real decisions.

I ran for President briefly as an accepted Reform Party candidate, listed at Politics1, with opinions summarized at On the Issues. I ran for two reasons: to put all the good ideas from across a wide range of non-partisan / transpartisan minds in one place (, and to be able, as a presidential candidate, to reach out to all the other presidential candidates to propose a unified demand for an Electoral Reform Summit and an Electoral Reform Act of 2012 that trashes the two-party tyranny, levels the playing field IN TIME FOR NOVEMBER 2012.

If we can get 1 million, then 10 million, then 100 million citizens to agree to donate $10 each, we can restore democracy and create a Smart Nation – Panarchy.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is an achievable idea, it just needs a torched soccer-mom on the steps of Capitol Hill, with CNN coverage, to get going.  Or any of the veterans that commit suicide, 18 daily, doing so on the steps of Capitol Hill where it cannot be hushed up as was the veteran who torched himself on the steps of the Courthouse in New Hampshire.

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