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Judy Wood

How the Towers turned to dust April 1, 2011

By Alan S. Glassman

I am delighted to finally see Dr. Judy Wood's book about the disintegration of New York's World Trade Center Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, appear in print. It has been a long time coming but well worth the wait.

Based in large part on her website and on the research she's been doing for over eight years, “Where Did the Towers Go?” is an exhaustive study of what happened to those two, quarter mile high, 110-storey skyscrapers on that horrible day and how they literally disappeared to dust. A structural engineering firm involved in building the Trade Center estimated there should have been almost 1.2 million tons of rubble. But, because we see mostly dust and unburned paper on the ground and a minimum of debris in the basements, Dr. Wood asks, “Where did it all go?”

With over 500 excellent color photographs, many charts and graphs, and solid calculations from an expert in mechanical and materials engineering, Professor Wood challenges the official story of 9/11 with compelling evidence that cannot be denied. Her study should convince anyone still skeptical of any alternative explanation as to what happened to the Towers that day that the generally accepted media and government explanation is utter nonsense.

Step by step, Dr. Wood takes us for an in-depth look at what really happened. She suggests that we have been brainwashed from the very beginning moments of the tragedy into believing the story we were being told on television. She shows us that we did not see what we thought we saw. In fact, she shows us clearly that we have been carefully deceived.

Dr. Wood starts by examining the free-fall speed at which the buildings began to plummet, but also graphically explains that very little of the huge structures actually ended up hitting the ground. In fact, the seismic data and the very limited ground penetration and destruction proves an overwhelming amount of material of the Towers was quickly turned to a very fine dust that spread both horizontally outward and vertically upward to form large plumes that finally settled on the streets of lower Manhattan and out into the rivers. One by one, Wood dismisses the official explanation as well as some of the alternate explanations from various 9/11 truth movements.

For me, the lack of a debris pile is the most convincing evidence that the Towers did not topple but were disintegrated on the spot in about 10 seconds each. It does not appear to be action of pulverization but more of what Dr. Wood calls “dustification”.

She invents new and clever terms to describe what we saw that day and now see in the recorded photos. She does this in order to erase any pre-conceived ideas of what happened, telling us that the human mind always looks for answers by relating what it experiences to events it has observed before and to what is familiar to it. When the brain sees something totally new, it attempts to explain the phenomenon using what is in its memory. For this particular event, we must guard against that tendency, and descriptions using a new vocabulary help us do that. We begin to see what we thought we saw and what we were told to believe we saw in a different way. Only then can we begin to glimpse the truth of what took place.

Addressed in the book are many unpleasant subjects that most of us do not want to remember. We start to see the people who jumped to their deaths from a new angle. We see vertical circular holes in adjacent World Trade Center buildings that we were never shown before. We see cars blocks away that were “toasted” or flipped over. We see large steel beams and columns bent, twisted, thinned and rusted in peculiar ways that heat cannot cause. We see weird fires and fuming dirt on the ground for blocks…fuming that continues for months. We see WTC Building 7 completely destroyed after 5 pm that afternoon, never having been shown to be hit by an airplane. We see steel turned to “jelly”, metal peeled, fusion of dissimilar materials, strange rounded holes in glass, and thinning and extremely rapid aging of materials in just a matter of hours. And, we read the recorded and documented testimony of dozens of first responders such as firefighters and emergency rescue workers that the debris from two 500,000+ ton Towers was almost non-existent.

Dr. Wood goes on in the latter chapters of the book to acquaint us with something she calls the “Tesla-Hutchison Effect” and its similarities to what happened in Manhattan on 9/11. She makes a good case for the use of a directed energy weapon based on that method. It involves setting up what's called a field effect by the interference of different types of energies concentrated on a particular target. There really is nothing new here: genius inventor Nikola Tesla demonstrated such effect a hundred years ago.

As with Judy Wood, I, too, thought it was very strange that the Towers “came down” on 9/11, but I couldn't put my finger on what could have really caused their demise. Now, with the release of this groundbreaking volume of work I am beginning to see the truth. I am beginning to see what I did not see before or what I was not permitted to see because of the power of immediate and incessant suggestion by the media and the government.

I highly recommend purchasing and reading “Where Did the Towers Go?” if you dare to get a glimpse of what really happened on a day that shaped the current history of our world for at least the first decade of the 21st century.

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