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2009 Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality

For Cloud, an author, clinical psychologist and corporate consultant, integrity is more than just a person's ethics and morals. The French and Latin meanings of the word hint at its origins, “that the whole thing is working well, undivided, integrated, intact and uncorrupted.” Achieving this “wholeness” requires the development of six character traits (creates trust, unafraid of reality, results-oriented, solves “negative realities,” causes growth and finds meaning in life) which Cloud examines in great detail.

1996 Integrity

When we talk about character, writes Yale law professor Carter (The Culture of Disbelief), integrity “is in some sense prior to everything else”; thus his mix of anecdote and meditation is a worthy but quirky entree to an important yet hard-to-discuss subject. Integrity, he writes, is more than honesty?it requires actions and a willingness to spurn conformity.

1997 The Power of Integrity: Building a Life Without Compromise

We live in a society that has largely abandoned moral standards and Christian principles. Unkept campaign promises, false advertising, exaggerated tax exemptions, employee theft–compromise has become a way of life. Such moral concession has even invaded the church. Faced with an opportunity to proclaim Christ to unbelievers, we feel intimidated and keep silent. Or we water down God's Word on ethical issues at work or in our community to avoid rejection. Too often we prefer hypocrisy to integrity.

2010 Integrity: Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason

In a world in which fraudulent acts and corporate scandals are common news, society has become increasingly concerned over the deterioration in moral and ethical values. She also looks at how integrity is undermined and lost as a result of obsession, narcissism, and workaholism. Killinger concludes that integrity is not possible without compassion and makes it clear that doing the right thing includes doing it for the right reason.

2010 Character Counts: The Power of Personal Integrity

“Character. Integrity. Honesty. Trustworthiness.  A quick glance across the landscape of North America confirms the serious erosion of these virtues.  Yet God's Word exhorts us to uphold these standards as a reflection of His righteousness.

2009  If You Know Who You Are . . . You'll Know What to Do: Living with Integrity

Author Ronald J. Greer: “People today want to live with more depth and authenticity—to be true to who God created them to be. There is a desire to get it right, to live lives of integrity. There is a sense that living with integrity would be to experience greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

2007 Integrity: Good People, Bad Choices, and Life Lessons from the White House

2008 The Integrity Dividend: Leading by the Power of Your Word

Corporate and government scandals continue to deepen our mistrust of leaders. While credibility is the foundation of effective leadership, most leaders struggle, and sometimes fail, to align their words and their actions.

2009 Integrity is Everything: Regain Your Natural Ability to Get Everything You Want

John has explored human potential for over 20 years. In this book, he expounds on insights he has received while studying some of the greatest thinkers in history. He also offers distinctions on a spiritual approach to success, which he has derived through studying and applying a vast array of eastern and western thought.

2010 The Economics of Integrity: From Dairy Farmers to Toyota, How Wealth Is Built on Trust and What That Means for Our Future

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