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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


Big News for Whitney Eve!

Curtain rises on crowd-funding

Lowe to head Screen Queensland; ScreenWest backs crowd funding

New Law Will Allow Startups To Avoid VCs

Stock crowd funding poised to play bigger part in markets


FAO launch Userfarm viral video campaign “30 Seconds to End Hunger” to stop world hunger.


The Washington Post Launches Crowdsourcing Platform

Words with friends: Collins Dictionary now crowdsourcing new words, like Tebowing and chummeling

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

An Alternative to Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org

Don’t count your penguins before they’ve hatched

EMCO Releases a Free Software Inventory Tool to Audit Windows Applications Installed on Network PCs

FOSS Creating More Opportunities for Women

Free Downloadable Tools From The Book “Innovate Products Faster” Now Available

LibreOffice 3.6.0 RC4 Is Available for Download

LibreOffice Update Patches Security Flaws

Open Source (General)

Announcing TimesOpen 2012

Lessons from an Open Source Veteran

Open Source Everything Manifesto Released

Open Access

How everyone benefits from Verizon’s FCC-mandated free tethering

InTech Open Access Publisher – Top 10 Books for July

OATI Teaming with Sensus to Advance Demand Response Solutions

Open Access, Open Data, Open Science

OUR OPINION: Morrissey wrong in effort to close Open Court

Registrations open for Auckland Fringe

The Journal of Buffalo Science

Toronto Community Foundations taps Open Access

Open Budget

Open Budget

Open Cloud

CloudOpen Keynote Q&A: OpenStack's Maffulli Says Open Cloud is New Frontier of Innovation

Open source gift from Netflix rains chaos in your cloud

OpenStack lands on Rackspace's cloud as the open-source fightback begins

Rackspace Open Cloud Takes on Amazon AWS

What Took So Long? The First Open Source Private Cloud Software Arrives

Open Communication

Open communication

Open communication minimizes vendor risks for Asian CIOs

Open Culture

Jerry Garcia Sings a Soulful Peggy-O (For His Would-Be 70th Birthday)

Open Data

4 major cities launch shared data portal

(Canada) Data cowboys taking city’s information into their own hands

Open Access, Open Data, Open Science

Open data challenges

Palo Alto looks to use open data to embrace ‘city as a platform’

(UK) Government Open Data Work ‘Not Good Enough’

We Want You: City Data Edition

Open Definition 

Rename Open Definition ~> Open Declaration

Open Democracy

Debt as power

Political Journeys: The Open Democracy Essays

Syria, al-Qaida, and the future

Open Design

Designing a room is getting personal

Open Bike Hacking Website

WikiHouse Disrupts Traditional Design

Open Education

Debating the MOOC Backlash: Notes from A Primitive Screwhead

Grand Rapids:Open Education Resources

Open Courseware Consortium

Open Education Matters: Why is it important to share content? (3rd Place Winner)

School founded by teen in West Bengal aims to open education to children

Trending: Open Education – part 2 (edX)


NEC Enhances Automation and Scalability of OpenFlow based SDN Fabric

NEC Enhances OpenFlow-based SDN Fabric

Open Geospatial

GeoNetwork OpenSource: From Index Cards to Spatial Data Infrastructures

Open Governance / Open Government

All in a Word: Russia's Open Government Commitments

“Open Government”, “Open War” against Iraq: Britain’s War Against the Truth

South Dakota, New Mexico governments get more open

TEDGlobal Talk on Open Knowledge, Aid and Governance

Open Hardware

Annoucing oProject

Open Hardware Monitor

Open Innovation

Free Downloadable Tools From The Book “Innovate Products Faster” Now Available

Somerset Innovation Learning Programme 2012

Open Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence – ASIS Philadelphia

Open source intelligence “Blog That” – Robert David Steele

Open Source Intelligence Presentation featured at Hacker Halted – Hacking Conference, Miami, Florida in October of 2012

Some Open Source Intelligence Basics

Open Journalism

How a newsroom cafe helped boost digital ad revenue at The Register Citizen

Open Knowledge

Knowledge Databases

Open Budget

Order of Property Group tabs

Open Life

Converter claims [Time Temperature Indicator] TTI breakthrough

Open Knowledge

Converter claims [Time Temperature Indicator] TTI breakthrough

TEDGlobal Talk on Open Knowledge, Aid and Governance

Open Manufacturing

a brain to the open manufacturing resources body

Open Media

Open Media Foundation Launches Cloud-based Software for Public

Open Media Project 2.0 Software for Public Access – iStockAnalyst

ViewCast Supports Linux Open Source Community through Partnership With KernelLabs

Open Meetings

(Alabama)  Birmingham School Board Cancels Meeting For Lack of Public Notice

(Illinois) AG Madigan slaps two cities for violating Open Meetings Act

(Massachusetts) Attorney General holding Open Meeting Law forums this fall

(Missouri) Open meetings favored

(South Dakota) Task force formed on SD open records, meetings

(Texas) Joint meeting is just illegal

(USA) Notice of Privacy Multistakeholder Process Open Meetings

Open Mobile

How to Format the URL to Open Mobile App Immediately

OMA Speaking Program

ViewCast Supports Linux Open Source Community through Partnership With KernelLabs

Open Records

(California) Auburn officials' emails — at least some of them — to be considered public records

(Colorado) Court sides with city of Aspen on ballot issue

Open Science

Open Access, Open Data, Open Science

Open Security

Don't buy that security software!

Subject DN Certificate Constraint support in Apache WSS4J and CXF

Open Skies

El Al warns ‘open skies' deal with EU detrimental to local industry

Oceanian Open Skies Treaty

Open Society

Criminalizing condoms

Papers in Open Society

Open Software

20+ Open Source eCommerce Platforms

A bold experiment this August: One new Linux distribution every day

HP Blows Its Last Shot At Open Source Credibility

Internet NZ sponsoring Open Source awards

Microsoft Continues to Open Up, Makes Entity Framework Open Source

Open source gift from Netflix rains chaos in your cloud

Open-Source: Coming to HP's rescue?

Giant robots and open source

Open Spending

Athens to Berlin – PROFILE – Our Money, the Budapest Institute

Open Standards

Digital Government – Open standards for Innovation

True Cost

No-cost preventive health measure for women kicking in

The True Cost of Coal

The true cost of going for [Olympic] gold

The True Cost of Living


Environmental Evaluators Network (EEN) Unconference

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