Goldman Sachs Facebook Scam – Predicted One Year Before…

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Critical Lessons from the Facebook Scam: A Blast from the Past

by Mike Stathis

Veterans Today, 1 August 2012 [ with repeat of 11 January 2011]


Next, there’s the valuation based on how much the business owner can inflate the sales price. I will call this the seller’s valuation. Usually, when the buyer plans on keeping the business there is a back and forth struggle for final valuation between buyer and seller. But when the buyer is an investment bank the valuation is based largely on how much they think they can flip it to others for in a public offering. So in this later case the company only receives seller’s valuation because the buyers aren’t involved in the valuation process.  Thus, as you can imagine when Wall Street gets involved in the IPO game, many stocks collapse within a couple of years of their IPO price.

Phi Beta Iota:  It's not a conspiracy if the facts bear out the story.  We are not completely comfortable with this account, but as with the 9/11 truth movement, there is more than enough here to warrant indictments and send people to jail.  When a government does not do that–does not defend the public interest–it is called “control fraud” which means that the government is complicit in the crime.

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