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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


Abundance heats up crowd-funding model with free solar project

Crowd funding attempt fizzles at brewpub

Crowd Funding Tips For African American Artists

GaymerCon Kickstarter Funding Drive Launches

Lunatics is now Crowd-Funding for a Pilot Episode

‘Project Giana’ (ALL) Re-Imagines Classic Platformer, Needs Crowd Funding – Screens


Campaign of the week: Cape Town Tourism’s crowdsourcing coup

Crowd-sourcing Frank Sargeson

FlyingFlips launches crowdsourced flipflops with a soul for soles

Media links of the day

Moran Nir: Mixing Art, Technology, Crowdsourcing & Shoes!

Power of crowdsourcing helps blind see the Internet

Resource Crowd Sourcing

Traveling Layers-Deep into the Nature of Crowdsourcing and Blogging, Inception-Style

Why Crowdsourcing is Here to Stay


27 Oct 2012 Long Ashton UK Green Unconference 2012

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

Judge Koh once again bars Samsung from making the ‘Apple imitated Sony’ argument

LibreOffice 3.5.5 fixes multiple arbitrary code execution vulnerabilities

LibreOffice Skips to 3.6.0 Release Candidate 4

LibreOffice vulnerable to multiple buffer overflows

Print your own giant posters

Q & A with Bates College – 2012 Best Overall Website

Siemens PLM software to offer free software to students

You searched for: mediatype:movies AND subject:”Free Software Song”

Open Source (General)

The science of community management, a look at open source 2.0

Open Access

Blogosphere ~ Open Access Journal: Electronic Antiquity: Communicating the Classics

PowerMin reiterates open access directive to CERC

The State of Open Access in Europe – Finch Report

This week in open access

Open Architecture

An “Open Source” Cargo Container Building – The Epic Creative Co-Op

Architecture for Humanity Announces Winners of 2011 Open Architecture Challenge

Open Cloud

CloudOpen Keynote Q&A: OpenStack’s Maffulli Says Open Cloud is New Frontier of Innovation

Open Source Cloud Roundup: Top Headlines Week of July 30

Rackspace Kicks Off the OpenStack Cloud Roll-Out

Rackspace offers new cloud services powered by OpenStack

Rent A Chaos Monkey From Netflix

Why The Open Cloud Wins And Oracle Loses When IT Gets Virtualized

Open Access

Open Collaboration

Open Collaboration–Think, Share, Create

Open Culture

19 Quotes on Writing by Gore Vidal. Some Witty, Some Acerbic, Many Spot On

Dan Rodgers’ Age of Fracture : A Different Country Now

Take the ‘Happiness Experiment,’ Based on Revealing Research from @Yale. Video: http://cultr.me/NJJYGU

Open Data

CKAN Data Hubs Around the World

London 2012: download every athlete’s results as open data

New website makes sharing city data easier

Palo Alto’s Open Data Platform: What Transparency Looks Like?

Seattle joins federal government open data effort

The trouble with data

Open Democracy

Occupy Europe: a supranational front of progressive forces is needed to refund the European Union

Supporting innovation in local government

Open Design

Adobe releases open Source Sans Pro font

Birth control: An open design concept

CloudOpen Keynote Q&A: OpenStack’s Maffulli Says Open Cloud is New Frontier of Innovation

Hypercraft Economy: bottoms-up for innovation!

Open Design Italia 2012 Competition Call for Applications

Open Education

@laurapasquini: 40 Open Education Resources You Should Know About http://bit.ly/LUYEBP  via @edudemic #OER” via @gconole

The Winner of the Why Open Education Matters Competition


Cisco stays the network virtualization course

Floodlight OpenFlow Controller GUI Applet

Who is going to invent the OpenFlow Microcontroller?

 Open Geospatial

OGC Standards and Supporting Documents

Open Government

FOI Notes: Open Government Conference, Report on UK

Linking Open Government Data Around the World

NC has a long way to go on openness

Open government groups denounce proposed penalties for classified leaks

Open Government Information: the Chinese Communist Party Tries to Become [more] Transparent

Sentinel publisher to serve on state panel

Thumb up: First Amendment Foundation honors Republican state senator

Open Hardware

Get your [Open Hardware Summit] OHS tickets here!

Nuts and Bolts of Open Hardware

Open-source lens holder

Open Innovation

An SAP Open Innovation Community- Perfect Timing

HEALTH: Sharing “open innovation” risks and rewards

Hypercraft Economy: bottoms-up for innovation!

Open Intelligence

Director of National Intelligence: Spies give way to ‘sexy’ social media

Open Journalism

How to create interactive maps: a new online course in Spanish; applications are open

London 2012: is this the first open data Olympics?

Open Knowledge

Open Knowledge evening broadly themed Open Science

Open Materials

An “Open Source” Cargo Container Building – The Epic Creative Co-Op

Open Media

Open Media Project 2.0 Software for Public Access Television Providers Announced at 2012 Alliance for Community Media Conference and Exhibition in Chicago

Open Meetings

(Colorado) Pressure on the Open Meetings Law

(Pennsylvania) Legality of Richmond Township closed meetings upheld

(Texas)  For their ears only: Houston’s lawyer wants closed-door meetings

(Utah)  Uintah County admits closed-door meeting on oil shale violated state law

Open Mobile

MetroPCS, Samsung Announce New Galaxy Smartphone for Dyle TV Launch

(Puerto Rico) Open Mobile names new CEO

Open Records

(California) OCEANSIDE: City opts to continue posting meeting agendas

(Connecticutt) Appellate Court ruling bad for journalism

(New Mexico)  County declines open records request

(Virginia) County releases Clark’s email

Open Repositories

7th International Conference on Open Repositories

Open Science

7 Habits of the Open Scientist

APECS-Oceania at the SCAR Open Science Conference

Open Knowledge evening broadly themed Open Science

Proving the Case for Climate Change with Hi-Res Models

Work has begun on an Encyclopaedia of original research

Open Security

The 2nd United Nations: The World Comes Together to Open-Source Cyber Security

Open Skies

Israel, EU ink “historic” open skies flights accord

Open Software

Adobe releases open Source Sans Pro font

Azul Open Sources Zing JVM

Open Source Google Chrome 21 Gives the Browser a New View of You

Palamida Announces Enterprise Edition 6 for Open Source Scanning and Management

ViewCast Supports Linux Open Source Community

Open Society

Sierra Leone: Public Reaction in Sierra Leone to the Judgment of Charles Taylor

Open Space

Distilling the Honey in Developers

Open Standards

OGC Standards and Supporting Documents

YouTube (6:58) This is Our Internet: Open Standards and Why They Matter

YouTube (8:10)  This is Our Internet: Open standards and why they matter – Spanish

Open Textbooks

LATIn Project Methodologies Design Meeting (Open Textbooks for Latin America)

True Cost

Inspire a generation? Kids bear true cost of sticking it all on the card…

Study: Some health insurance premiums will rise

The true cost of a pint of milk

The True Cost of Eating Healthy

The True Cost of Hamburgers (Video)

The true cost of owning your own house

The True Cost of Paying with Credit Cards


27 Oct 2012 Long Ashton UK Green Unconference 2012

TBU Porto UnConference Afternoon

The [Social Media] UNConference: UNConventional, But With UN-Deniably Positive Results

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