Information Operations Newsletter Vol 12 No 9

IO Newsletter

ARSTRAT IO Newsletter v12 no 08-1

Articles in this issue:

1.      Indian Navy Investigates Cyber Attack on Military PCs
2.      China Hackers Enter Navy Computers, Plant Bug to Extract Sensitive Data
3.      Army Makes Case for Funding Culture Skills beyond COIN
4.      Information as Power, vol 6
5.      At Nellis AFB, Teaching the Shadowy Art of Cyber Warfare
6.      Four Ways the Internet Could Go Down
7.      Electronic Warfare: DOD Actions Needed to Strengthen Management and Oversight
8.      US Urged to Recruit Master Hackers to Wage Cyber War on America’s Foes
9.      US, Iran Cyber War Beginning
10.     New Satellites Could Make GPS Harder to Jam
11.     Africa Used As Botnet Army; S E Asia Invests In Information Warfare; Latin America Beefs Up Regulation
12.     SOF Electronic Warfare Soldier Works To Save Lives on the Modern Battlefield
13.     Hackers Linked to China’s Army Seen From EU to D.C.
14.     A Computer Infection that Can Never Be Cured
15.     DECEPTION: Can Information Superiority Be Achieved With Or Without It?

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