20120814 Open Source Everything Highlights

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All Opens Below Line – Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost

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9-11 Oct Las Vegas:  Crowdfunding Bootcamp Kicks Off

A head start for a kick start

Crowd-Funding as a Source of Assets

FSA issues crowd funding warning

How to Raise Funds Through Crowd Funding Platforms

ASIC warns on crowd-funding websites


Affiliate Summit East 2012 Day 1 Recap

Back To School & Cause: A Powerful Combination

Berkeley Historical Plaques: Crowd-sourcing history

Bloggernacle Back Bench: 1940 Census index crowd sourcing power

Crowdsourcing in action: 5,700 new logos for Times Square site

django-crowdsourcing 1.1.36

Local Motors, Domino’s Crowdsourcing ‘Ultimate Delivery Vehicle’: Video

Power of crowdsourcing helps blind see the Internet

USAID Development Data Available on ArcGIS Online

Why Crowdsourcing is Here to Stay


9-11 Oct Las Vegas:  Crowdfunding Bootcamp Kicks Off

17-19 Oct Berlin: LibreOffice Conference

17-20 Oct CODE: Cincinnati Open Design Event

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

17-19 Oct Berlin: LibreOffice Conference

An alternate history of KDE

Benjamin Mako Hill: A Model of Free Software Success

New Open Source Calligra Suite Release Enhances ODF Document Support

U.S. court grants Apple partial summary judgment on FRAND contract issues in Motorola case

Use Apple’s iCloud to store the App Store’s free weekly promotions for later

USN-1536-1: LibreOffice vulnerability

Open Source (Philosophy)

Does Windows 8 help set the stage for mainstream Linux desktops?

Open Access

Bill to Expand Access to L.A. River Almost Ready for Governor

Ivorian agricultural scientists open up their research

Markets In Everything: Research Validation Service

Open Access Report: The World’s Muslims: Unity and Diversity — Pew Research Center

Wiley to change journal licensing ‘immediately’

Open Cloud

From Input To Exhaust, Our Cloud Is Open

Open Source Cloud Lifts Up Rackspace, but Weighs Down VMware

Rackspace Open Cloud Migration Considerations

Red Hat Releases Open Source OpenStack Cloud Preview

The future is open cloud

Open Communication

Make a Few Changes to Open Up Communication with Your Kids

Open Culture

Al Jazeera Travel Show Explores World Cities Through Their Street Food

Salvador Dalí’s 100 Illustrations of Dante’s The Divine Comedy »

Open Data

Open data – let’s have both the raw and and cooked

Your Feedback Wanted: More Open ED Data

Open Democracy

Is Russia flying over the cuckoo’s nest?

Open Design

17-20 Oct CODE: Cincinnati Open Design Event

Open Ecosystem

Yammer Expands Partner Ecosystem

Open Education

About Open Education

A winning open education system

Panel to take initial vote on innovation schools in New Bedford tonight

Why Open Education Matters Names Contest Winners

Open Elections

Politicians want voters’ hands off their partisan primaries


SDN revolution or evolution: Impact on the IT manager

 Open Geospatial

Attend the OGC North American Forum Open Standards Technology Exposition!

Open Governance / Open Government

California Suspends Open Meetings Law to Save Money

Committee On Open Government Issues Advisory Opinion On School Board Actions

Letter: Involved citizens vilified

Preparing for Next Generation Open Government

Watchdog website holds Essex County officials accountable

Open Hardware

BeagleBone gets I/O ‘capes’

Interview with Alicia Gibb, President of OSHWA

Open Innovation

Open Innovation Masterclass

Panel to take initial vote on innovation schools in New Bedford tonight

Promoting innovation in the workplace

Open Journals / Open Journalism

About SAS Blogs

django-crowdsourcing 1.1.36

Open Knowledge

Get In On CrowdSourcing An Open Knowledge Graph API

Open Manufacturing

[Open Manufacturing] Fwd: View visual diffs of 3D printable models

Open Media

2012 Paine Edmonds Vancouver Open Media Day

Media is so sexy!

Open Meetings

Commission out of bounds on open meetings law?

Pierce County Council task force closes meeting with sheriff on budget, overtime

Open Mobile

Open Mobile 2.5.0 for Android Release Notes

Open Records

(Colorado) Supreme Court Will Hear Public Records Case

Pa. questioned on adherence to open records law

Open Science

Open Source for Open Science

Open Skies

Open skies’ re-opens labor dispute

Open Society

‘Intensify investigations into women killings’

Populism and Social Media in the Netherlands

Open Software

django-crowdsourcing 1.1.36

Does Windows 8 help set the stage for mainstream Linux desktops?

Google Summer of Code Wrapping up its 8th year

Oracle halts open-source HPC project

Pixar Releases Open SubDiv On An Open Source License

Red Hat Releases Open Source OpenStack Cloud Preview

The Open Source Technology Behind Twitter

Zenoss Releases Open Source Zenoss Core 4

Open Standards

Open Standards and Integration / Future-Proofing

Open Textbooks

20 Million Minds Foundation Saving College Students $1 Million this Fall

A free and open-source calculus textbook

True Cost

Gimmicks hide true cost of health law

The True Cost Of Cheap SEO

The True Cost of High Gas Prices – A Rant By The Janitor

US Core CPI: Trading Analysis / True Cost of Living

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