Daily Journalist: Answers to Questions on Israel and the Arab Spring

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The after effects of the Arab Spring, good or bad for Israel?

Jamime Ortega aka Arizona

The Daily Journalist, 13 Aug 2012

Countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen had recently civil confrontations to push out their tyrant rulers out, in order to construct a new state. Many of these countries are still under the ‘after effects’ of these Arab Spring revolutions. Many critics point that ‘Sharia Law’ could be established in these countries as an alternative for a democratic reformation. For example, many experts believe groups like the ‘Islamic Brotherhood’ that once fought alongside the ‘libertarian secularist in Egypt’ to dethrone Mubarak’s regime, will eventually turn their backs on the “young progressive movement” and fight instead for an Islamic state.

The questions are how will Israel cope with the transformations of these countries? And how many of these Arab countries except for Tunisia and Libya (Not Arab) will become Islamic states?

Read answers.

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