20120818 Open Source Everything Highlights

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All Opens Below Line – Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost

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Crowd funding websites not for novice investors, says UK regulator

Psychology of Crowd Funding: Kickstarter

Self-starters passing hat online


3 Ways to Amplify Small-Business Marketing with Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing”: Looking at New Ways to Map Structures in Colorado

DARPA floats crowdsourcing to develop amphibious vehicle

How to Use Crowdsourcing in Social Media to Develop Loyalty


24 Augu 2012 Baltimore unWIREd “Unconference”

28 Sep 2012 Rewire London Unconference

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

AOO and Libreoffice standing next to each other

Google opts for escalation: Motorola Mobility files new ITC complaint against Apple

LibreOffice Productivity Suite 3.6.1 RC1

MacLegion Offers Free Software Bundle to OS X Users

New free software to radically change city planning worldwide.

Open Source Open World [InfoGraphic]

Two free books on Open Innovation and Social Media by @lindegaard

Open Source (Philosophy)

Becoming Red Hat: Cloudera and Hortonworks' Big-Data death match

Open Access

Directory of Open Access Journals – recently added titles

Journal of Organizational Design

Open Access Book Launch

Open access power will harm textile industry: CITI

Vidarbha industries may buy power from private companies

Open Architecture

Maritime Open Architecture Autonomy (MOAA) Industry Day

Open Budget

Open Budget Game

Open Carry

Help Make Texas An Open Carry State?

Kansas : open carry was essentially passed, but ignored for 5 yrs

Mayor orders police review of mistaken open carry arrest (with video)

Video: Colo. Man Arrested for Open Carry In Park

Open Cloud

Becoming Red Hat: Cloudera and Hortonworks' Big-Data death match

Canonical: Making the Open Cloud Seamless for Users

Open Collaboration

Management and the Future of Open Collaboration

Open Communication

Cheek to focus on better communication

Open Courseware

Progress on Open Courseware in Korea

Open Data

Open Data: baby steps for RATP

Open Democracy

Letter from an unapologetic alarmist

Open Education

Open Educational Resources Advantages

Open Education Spreading

Open Education Resources

Open Elections

Court rules open primary initiative can proceed


Northbound OpenFlow applications up next: Look out, Cisco!

The World’s First Major Carrier With Openflow Embedded In The Network

What does OpenFlow/SDN do differently than existing network technologies?

Open Government

WCOG’s Open Government Candidate Questionnaire

Open Hardware

Facebook to Build “Sub Zero” Facility with Custom Hardware for Emergency Recovery

From open hardware to open manufacturing: do open guns show the way?

Open Innovation

24 Augu 2012 Baltimore unWIREd “Unconference”

Open Innovation for Public and Private Sectors

Two free books on Open Innovation and Social Media by @lindegaard

What Your CEO Is Reading: Corporate Innovation’s Return; Japan’s Fall

Open Knowledge

Generic to Genomic Medicine in an Open-Knowledge Economy (YouTube 1:07:09)

Open Manufacturing

From open hardware to open manufacturing: do open guns show the way?

Open Media

Totella, an Open Media Platform, Launches in the Wake of the Hate Shooting in Wisconsin

Open Meetings

Kermit Resident Files Complaint for Violation of Open Meetings Act

No evidence that Clarkstown, schools flouted open-meetings laws, state group says

Open Mobile

Firefox OS: an open mobile operating system with HTML 5

iPass Open Mobile Selected by Harmonic for Global Corporate Wi-Fi Access

Open Plans

New free software to radically change city planning worldwide.

OpenPlans to the Rescue! Open Source Transit for Apple's iOS 6

Open Records

Open the door: Public access seminar held at Ivy Tech

Probe expands to Wisconsin government

Public Access Seminar explains open records, public meetings

Open Society

How closely do the open society dreams of Soros align with the dreams from Obama's father?

PASOS Think-Tank Awards 2012 opens call for nominations

Threatened lustration lawsuit roils Macedonia

Open Security

Open Source Is Becoming a Military Necessity

Open-Source Security Tools

Open Source Security Tools You Could Be Using

Open Software

How Microsoft was forced to open Office

Open Spending

Athens to Berlin – PROFILE – Bani pierduti? (Lost money?)

True Cost

Energy's True Cost – A Converted Skeptic Pt. 2 – Rachel Maddow – Air Date 7-30-12

Linda Bilmes – Three Trillion Dollar War: True Cost of the Iraq Conflict

Maass to share true cost of oil

The True Cost Of Car Ownership – Midweek Infographic


28 Sep 2012 Rewire London Unconference

Technology ‘unconference' scheduled at Stockton

The UnConference – Entry #16

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