John Steiner: Fix Our America — Many Small Donations Against A Few Large Bribes

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John Steiner

Join the Great Cooperation to Begin America Again, Finally Freed From Money-Bought Politics

Want Massive Positive Change? Here’s the Easiest, Surest Way!

Our Mission: Fix the Constitution! We seek to rally you and most Americans around a shared belief that our utmost, urgent task must be to amend the U.S. Constitution to eliminate the vicious, corrupting and undemocratic role of private and corporate campaign money in elections. By doing so, we also seek to make ending our system of money-bought governance – whereby big donors purchase the policies they want while the rest of us have no real say – a must-cover story in the media and a must-do goal in the minds of our politicians. 

Fix Our America, started by business and civic leaders, is the only election reform group at this point whose sole purpose is to mount the saturation advertising and marketing campaign needed to mobilize Americans in support of campaign finance reform via Constitutional amendments already introduced in Congress. Whatever your political persuasion, this is your opportunity to have a huge positive impact on our governance and politics with little effort on your part.

Our Plan: Saturate America with a Massive Multimedia Advertising Campaign Essential to Educate the Public

tv_ad.pngAnd back it with intensive social networking and public relations that illuminates for all Americans the vast damages of our current political system, dominated as it is by a perpetual vote-pandering search for campaign funding.

Our strategy:

1. Reach out to the average person who isn’t usually active in political causes and who has little time to participate.

2. Provide a simple means to bring in friends, relatives and colleagues to our cooperative cause in support of ALL campaign reform organizations.

3. Make it easy for an assembled mass base of citizens to saturate their district lawmakers monthly with emails prepared by Fix Our America, informing them that curbing the out-of-control excesses of campaign financing must be a Number One issue, so that there can be a fresh start for our democracy.

           The messsage will be:

    Fix this with a Constitutional Amendment or forget about my vote”

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