20120819 Open Source Everything Highlights

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All Opens Below Line – Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost

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How Do We Make Civic CrowdfundingAwesome?

Suri takes to crowd funding again to produce Dalit love story

Turbo Snort Caffeine Nasal Spray Launches Howard Stern Crowd Funding Campaign


Crowd sourcing: A new way of raising funds for films

Edelman Partners With Poptent On Video Crowdsourcing Offer


22-25 Oct 2012 China Open Access Week

20 May 2013 Using Drupal In Education Unconference in Portland

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

FSF Introduces DRM-Free Logo

Open Source (Philosophy)

Robert Scoble, Technical Evangelist

Open Access

22-25 Oct 2012 China Open Access Week

Open Access Myth or Reality?

Open Architecture

Military zones re-imagined by finalists of Open Architecture Challenge

Open Carry

City seeks ban on guns in public buildings

Open carry in your state ?

Open Cloud

Cloud Computing: Moving To Open Source

Open Data Center Alliance Publishes New Cloud Usage Models

Open Communication

Agricultural biotechnology – transparency is essential!

Open Data

Open Data Center Alliance Publishes New Cloud Usage Models

Open Education

Why Open Education Matters


Non-OpenFlow SDN

OpenFlow: A Radical New Idea in Networking

Open Government

State official: Bellingham can legally withhold much of Costco letter

Open Hardware

animusoft  Open Source Hardware

Open Hardware Monitor  0.5.1 Beta

Open Source Cold Saw – First Prototype Test

Open Meetings

PSU trustees plan open meetings at campus retreat

Open Mobile

Here's Some Really Good News For Android Fans

Resisting Answers

Open Plans

Less that 24 hours to go with our Kickstarter campaign to put multi-modal transit routing back on the iPhone.

Appeals court backs right to attorney-client privacy

City challenges open records ruling

Open books first step in pension fix

Prosecutors forced to resign had high marks

Open Science

Four steps to open science

Open Security

Are smart buildings the next cyber-threat?

Open Skies

Open Skies Agreement News – The New York Times

Open Sofrware

Android Open Source Project targets Sony Xperia S, wants to get experimental

Explanation on MariaDB 10.0

NoSQL Distilled Now Available

Oracle Makes More Moves To Kill Open Source MySQL

Perhaps now is the time to replace MySQL with MariaDB

Versant Addresses NoSQL Adoption Issues at the NoSQL Now! Conference

True Cost

Taking a closer look at the cost of living and the CPI


20 May 2013 Using Drupal In Education Unconference in Portland

Drupal in Education Unconference 2012

So This is Democracy – Edcamp, the Unconference

The Magic of an Unconference

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