Reference: US Treasury Intelligence Unit – Strategic Direction

Economics/True Cost
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PDF:  USTreasury-OIA-2012-2015

Phi Beta Iota:  Three facts jump out from this excellent overview noticed by David Isenberg.  First, in focusing so pointedly on illicit threats, the document is explicitly articulating a “hands off” policy against corrupt Congressional decision and licit theft such as made possible by the combination of deregulation and “control fraud” where US regulatory agencies turn a blind eye to high crimes and misdemeanors against the public interest.  Second, the report does not appear to reflect the reality that three-quarters of the world's economy is now off the books and not taxable, at the same time that the US revenue system is in chaos and dysfunctional to the nth degree.  A truly strategic treasury intelligence unit would have three strategic forecasting goals:

01)  Advise the government and the public of those measures necessary to radically increase government revenue while reducing the burden on individuals and small businesses.  Hint:  Automatic Payment Transaction Tax (APT Tax).

02)  In close alliance with a new Congressional Counterintelligence Office (CCO), police the Congress and eradicate the toxic combination of financial lobbying, criminal conspiracy to solicit earmark kick-backs, and legislative language in favor of any interest other than the public interest.

03)  In close alliance with a newly-empowered Management function in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), provide the Secretary and the President with an absolutely ruthless quarterly report on Whole of Government fiscal responsibility.



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