Pierre Levy: Etienne Chouard on A True Democracy

Cultural Intelligence, Politics
Pierre Levy

For all, this 55 year old teacher reveals that “our misfortunes” (ecological catastrophy, destruction of civil services in public administration, work slavery, the reign of money…) have been made possible “because of our incapacity to resist”. He indicates “I will do like Hippocrates did. I try to find the root of the causes. It is vain to fight against consequences.” He believes that this “impotency to resist”, this “infantilization”, is “programmed in the Constitution”. Since “those who write the Constitutions first think of how to preserve their own interests”, to “change things” and put in place “a real democracy”, he sees only one way forward: to randomly draw citizens who will write by themselves a new Constitution.

YouTube (1:08:55)

Phi Beta Iota:  In French (verbal) with superbly executed English sub-titles.  As soon as the film starts, roll the cursor over the second red button in lower right of the YouTube screen (has small white CC inside the red box) and click, this turns on the subtitles.

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