Stephen E. Arnold: Google Can Be Fooled – Google Takes Liberties

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Stephen E. Arnold

So Google can be fooled. It’s not nice to fool Mother Google. The inverse, however, is not accurate. Mother Google can take some liberties. Any indexing system can. Objectivity is in the eye of the beholder or the person who pays for results.

See where these results lead at:

You know a story is bit time when it is covered in a two page article in the Miami Herald. Miami, of course, is the capitol city of The Islands, as The Nine Nations of North America pointed out years ago.

The point of the story is that search engine optimization experts—trained at conferences partially underwritten by the Web indexing services—have learned how to fool the Web search engines. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, but it is perfectly okay to fool the Web indexes.

Naughty or nice, there is some trickery going on:

This search engine optimization baloney is really getting on my nerves. The idea behind an index is to point to content about something. I don’t want a book index to point me to a page with information that does not match the index.

How many page scrolls does it take to find relevant information:

I remain deeply skeptical about SEO solutions that offer guarantees, number one rankings, and speedy fixes to Web site woes. Creating a useful Web site and attracting visitors are difficult tasks. My formula for SEO is simple, and you can implement it by using your own staff or advisors who work in your city.

SEO solutions may not be able to keep those promises:

This week I have engaged in five separate conversations with super-bright 30 somethings. The one theme that made these conversations like a five act Shakespearian comedy was SEO or search engine optimization. The focus is on getting traffic, not building a brand or contributing to a higher value conversation.

Alas, poor SEO, perhaps the brand traffic hath worn value thin:

I saw a graphic which purports to answer the question, “How Much Does SEO Cost?” The guts of the write up is more along the lines of how a client pays for the allegedly high-value, must-have ministrations of SEO experts.

Are clients actually getting what they pay for? Find out at:

The addled goose is not into clicks. The goose is near retirement. The content he posts is primarily an aide de memoire. The topics he covers are of interest to a few believers in precision and recall, not 20 something and faux consultant court jesters.

We’re happy to say the Goose has not retired yet. Here he tells us why clicks are not cool:

The article argues that we’re all paranoid that Google is trying to use its substantial search engine optimization power to screw us over, when in reality, the search giant could care less about us little guys.

Googles lack of concern for the little guy is hitting all time lows:

Phi Beta Iota:  Google chose to focus on search engines as revenue and displacement of industrial era industries (cell phones, movies, sales) RATHER THAN sense-making.

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