2013 Creating a Smart Nation: Transforming Education, Intelligence & Research through Integration, & Innovation – 99-Day Plan for the Secretary-General

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This is a work in progress, beginning with the abstract, an outline, and below the line, selected references.  The ideal context for this initiative is a revolution in politics in which the public demands the reforms outlined by We the People Reform Coalition, notably the restoration of intelligence with integrity to all levels of governance beginning with an Electoral Reform Act, a coalition cabinet and balanced budget, the embrace of clarity, diversity, and transparency in all public matters, and the substitution of the non-corruptible Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax for the existing rat's next of tax code and regulation schemes now used by Congress to extort money for unmerited advantage; this would also eliminate all exemptions from taxation of any kind.  It would also demand full transparency of true costs from any organization operating under a public charter, to wit, all corporations regardless of domicile.  The initiative could also be implemented incrementally, beginning for example with an Open Source Agency funded by someone like Sir Richard Branson to create “The Virgin Truth,” or funded by 300 million individuals contributing $10 a year each to create a $3 billion a year budget for getting a grip on public intelligence in the public interest.  While focused on the USA, these insights are easily embraceable by Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and Wild Cards such as the Congo, Nigeria, South Africa, and Turkey.

Creating a Smart Nation: Transforming Education, Intelligence & Research through Integration & Innovation

99-Day Evidence-Based Plan for the Secretary-General

 Robert David STEELE Vivas


A Secretary-General for Education, Intelligence, and Research (SG-EIR) is proposed in order to create a Smart Nation – a concept developed in 1994 and publicized in 1995.  A Smart Nation would transform education away from the Industrial Era rote learning toward life-long learning to learn and team learning; a Smart Nation would transform (and draw down on the budget of) the secret intelligence community, creating an Open Source Agency nurturing all the opens including open cloud, open data, open hardware, open software and open standards as well as decision-support for all; and a Smart Nation would transform research away from the fragmented micro-stovepipes dominated by special interests, and toward a holistic national renaissance of research in the public interest.

This article provides a 99-day plan for the public to consider and hopefully to demand of the new President and the new Congress.  The plan includes specific political and professional appointments; specific Congressional authorizations and appropriations and specific Executive allocations and obligations; and specific mission-type orders for each of the elements of this newly-integrated capacity to support ethical evidence-based decision-making across the eight communities that define any nation: academic, civil society including labor and religion, commerce, government, law enforcement, media including social media and bloggers, military, and non-governmental/non-profit.  In the 21st Century, transparency produces truth and truth produces trust.  This new capability will radically empower the public with public intelligence, creating “liquid democracy” as well as a strong architecture for evidence-based policy, acquisition, and operations, thus restoring the Republic.


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References on Research & Development

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