Steven Vervaecke: Microsoft to Become Linux?

Advanced Cyber/IO, Software

I notice a VERY curious and intresting covert evolution in Microsoft.

A few weeks ago i was listening to a video i stumbled upon through the KP blog. The guy in it said Microsoft was taken over by the white hats, by the Alliance. At the time this seemed like a very wild statement not based upon reality, so i dismissed it for myself.

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Penguin: Open Source Architecture Discovered — Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) Still Unrecognized

#OSE Open Source Everything

The chattering class has slightly expanded its understanding of open source.

Is open source architecture’s digital disruption?

The open-source movement could not only disrupt architecture but also help solve the global housing crisis.

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Penguin: Open Source Civics in Spain

Crowd-Sourcing, Culture, Data, Design

Medialab Prado: Applying the Open Source Ethic to Civic Innovation

An open data project is exploring new ways to use shareable databases in creative, public-spirited ways.

Now Medialab Prado is trying to go global with its civic incubation model. In September and October, it will be hosting a MOOC course (in Spanish) on “how to grow your own citizen laboratory and build networks of cooperation.” The idea is to foster very localized citizen innovation labs, even in rural areas, by helping people learn how to host prototyping workshops, use helpful digital tools, issue open calls to identify projects and collaborators, and run communication plans, mediation, documentation, evaluation, etc.

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