Berto Jongman: Strategic IO – Earth’s Magnetic Field 150 Year Flip

Advanced Cyber/IO
Berto Jongman

The North Pole is moving towards Siberia! Imagine our compasses starting pointing south someday. This is not science fiction. A total reversal of Earth’s Magnetic Fields actually happened over 740 thousand years ago. The Earth’s Magnetic Field is weakening. Magnetic field strength is decreasing rapidly in certain areas of South America and South Atlantic; up to 12% in 30 years. The decay of Earth Magnetic Field will have serous effect on satellites in space and trains and electrical grids on the ground.

Phi Beta Iota:  As with the post-2012 flooding that has captured the informed public’s interest, this is a 150 year evolution, not an imminent threat.  It is however, relevant, and least costly to address if everyone pays attention now.

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