Graphic: Map Syria Iran + Syria-Iran-Rergional RECAP

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EDIT of 23 Oct 2012: Iran has direct access to the sea to its south and controls the Strait of Hormuz.  It has a direct water connection to Russia via Eastern Europe.  We would not be too hard on Mitt Romney, he is no more or less ignorant than Barack Obama talking about aircraft carriers and submarines.  The fact is that both of these individuals mean well, but they are puppets in a theater, the outcome of the election is already known (Romney by 1%, thank you Karl Rove and Greg Palast), and we will have another four years of two-party tyranny and military-industrial complex serving the 1% and betraying the public interest.  The third party candidates debating tonight are part of the problem–doing the wrong things righter instead of the right thing.  The right thing is We the People Reform Coalition.  Tell others, please.

Phi Beta Iota:  The lack of intelligence and the lack of integrity with respect to the Middle East has caused trillions in lost treasure, blood, and tears.  Combined with the deliberate neglect of the rest of the under-developed world, it is an intellectual and moral indictment of Western “leaders” who it turns out are nothing more than political servants to the predatory financial class, betraying the public trust across the board.

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