Michel Bauwens: The Future of Learning, Networked Society – Ericsson YouTube (20:18) + Digital Native Education RECAP

04 Education, 11 Society, Advanced Cyber/IO
Michel Bauwens

Can ICT redefine the way we learn in the Networked Society? Technology has enabled us to interact, innovate and share in whole new ways. This dynamic shift in mindset is creating profound change throughout our society. The Future of Learning looks at one part of that change, the potential to redefine how we learn and educate. Watch as we talk with world renowned experts and educators about its potential to shift away from traditional methods of learning based on memorization and repetition to more holistic approaches that focus on individual students' needs and self expression.

Learn more at http://www.ericsson.com/networkedsociety

Phi Beta Iota: Digital Natives are –Marc Prensky said it first — the first generation that are not “mini-mes” of the last.  Put bluntly, the adults in power — apart from having demonstrated an abject lack of concern for the public interest, have no idea how to reinvent education, intelligence, and research in order to create a Smart (Continuously Learning) Nation.

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