John Steiner: Bottom-Up Distributed Resilient / Sustainable Communities

John Steiner

Email Extract:

The movement is stronger than ever – and hundreds of these sites are now over 20 years old, and are the primary shapers of local/regional policy. Hope you are well. Left you a VM re convergence last eve.

• A distributed non-centralized movement of thousands of “healthy / livable / sustainable community” initiatives are thriving around the nation that are applying trans-partisan, trans-sector, trans-issue, trans-jurisdictional, and trans-generational strategies — to increase equitable prosperity and improve the health of people and places. connects over 4,500 of these place-based efforts, and provides them with data sources, GIS mapping, storytelling and mobilization tools.

Then…the ‘new creation’ language could be right – and it’s already happening. So in my speech in Washington DC yesterday to United Ways from around the nation – I was talking more about getting to scale, visibility and impact — more than starting something new. Folks working on the ground without the fanfare of the big names, and marquis orgs are maxed. So we are finding better framing around reaching ‘collective impact’ via lifting up and leveraging the goodness underway now — a movement of citizens applying trans-partisan practices and exhibit such qualities.

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