Yoda: Recording the Future – Repeat Itself, Foolishness Does…

Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Repeat itself, foolishness does.

Predicting the future through online data mining

Recorded Future predicts when and where a demonstration will occur after mining from the web all the related activities.


As it turns out, the software company Recorded Future (which has recently been praised by Wired, the MIT Technology Review and other media outlets, after the CIA and Google invested millions in their services) seems to be offering its clients something similar: a world where emergencies, that is, future events, can be calculated in advance. But how does this start-up actually function, and why are the German philosopher’s concerns relevant to its services?

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Detecting Emergent Conflicts through Web Mining and Visualization (PDF)

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Phi Beta Iota: The only thing remarkable about Recording the Future (and Palantir and STRATFOR and others) is their ability to extract money from people that know nothing about  holistic sense-making tailored to a specific concern in a specific context.  This is, to use the age-old phrase, “lipstick on the pig,” and reminds us of the earnest efforts at text mining in the 1970’s and 1980’s that never went anywhere because those with money are so fragmented and so intellectually myopic that they simply cannot put together meaningful solutions for advanced information processing and analysis.  Along with Digital Reasoning and IBM and others, these people are surfing the two percent that is easily available and doing so in a vacuum (or the case of STRATFOR, leveraging school kids doing the surfing behind the screen).  There is ZERO historical, cultural, or linguistic context, ZERO ethical or M4IS2 context nor are the analog and unpublished worlds addressed.  These are all nice people, but how they have spent all this money to produce ZERO actionable results is a mystery.  We do what they offer, at no expense, by using key terms such as “will speak,” “will travel,” and “will meet” (in 33 languages).  Duh.  Here is the bottom line–quoting Robert Steele: “technology is not a substitute for thinking.”  The Holy Grail remains the empowerment of all humans, all minds, all the time.  When the five billion poor have free OpenBTS, Open Spectrum, and can be educated free one cell call at a time, corruption will be eradicated, inter-faith harmony will be enabled, and we will create a prosperous world at peace.  The US secret world — and Google and IBM and the US Army and many others, continue to waste tens of billions because they refuse to think holistically about the end game and the ethics of the end game — the focus is on spending money today instead of saving money tomorrow.

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