Michel Bauwens: Open Beats Closed – Slowly But Surely

#OSE Open Source Everything
Michel Bauwens

Open and Shut

Mark Pesce

MoosesCloud, 27 October 2012


“Closed can not fight open.  It can not find purchase to land a blow.  Microsoft has fought a decades-long war against Linux, only to lose the battle conclusively as the world moves to smartphones (Android), and embedded devices (such as the Light) running Linux.  Windows may remain dominant on the desktop for another decade, but computing has moved on.  Linux won the long game. When we release the detailed designs to build your own Light – as we will do next week – we undermine any effort from any closed competitor to treat their intellectual property as anything other than ephemera that only has value only insofar as it helps others in their own efforts to hack light.  We are not doing this as an intentional effort to destroy anyone’s business; we are doing it because we believe in openness.  Yet openness renders closed business styles uncompetitive.  Not immediately, and not completely, but gradually and largely.”

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Phi Beta Iota:  Open beats closed.  What most are not yet getting is that going “all in” on the Open Source Everything meme is the fastest way to infinite wealth and a world that works for all.  The losers gets it — they will bleed the global economy and fight to the last patent — but those with the most to gain, the 99%, are not focusing on the urgency of doing ALL of the opens, not just one at a time.

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