Michel Bauwens: Pirate Party USA – 20 Essays

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Michel Bauwens

Essays about Pirate Politics

  • Book: No safe harbor: essays about pirate politics. Reykjavik, Iceland: United States Pirate Party; 2012.
  • Available to download from: http://www.nosafeharbor.com/.


“An anthology of 20 selections about issues central to the concerns of the U.S. Pirate Party, divided into three categories: (1) government and corporate transparency and accountability; (2) privacy; (3) intellectual property. A good resource for seeing how the apparently narrow Pirate Party core issues pertaining to intellectual property tie in pervasively with much broader social and economic factors.”

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The first Pirate Party was founded on January 1, 2006 by Rick Falkvinge in Sweden.

Six months later, similar parties started to spring up all over the world. All of these parties started off with the same singular goal of intellectual property reform. But, these disparate parties realized that the roots of the world's problems ran deeper than even intellectual property reform could fix.

With time, these parties added many more items to their platform. These can be condensed into 3 topics – Government and Corporate Transparency and Accountability, Personal Privacy, and, of course, Intellectual Property reform.

If nothing else, 2011 will be seen as the year of the uprisings. The year began with the Arab Spring, in which the citizens of various Middle Eastern countries rose up and either overthrew their governments or caused massive changes in their governing structures. Later in the year – September – the Occupy Wall Street movement began and quickly spread across the United States and to every continent except Antarctica.

Who knows what 2012 will bring.

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