Berto Jongman: Social Network Analysis of Al-Muhajiroun’s Propaganda Campaign

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, IO Deeds of War
Berto Jongman

The YouTube Jihadists: A Social Network Analysis of Al-Muhajiroun’s Propaganda Campaign

 by Jytte Klausen, Eliane Tschaen Barbieri, Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, and Aaron Y. Zelin


 Producers of Al-Qaeda inspired propaganda have shifted their operations in recent years from closed membership online forums to mainstream social networking platforms. Using social network analysis, we show that behind the apparent proliferation of such sources, YouTube account holders associated with incarnations of the British al-Muhajiroun collude to post propaganda and violent content. European groups commonly use American platforms and domain names registered with American companies. Seeking shelter under speech rights granted by the First Amendment, they evade European laws against incitement and hate speech.

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