Michel Bauwens: Redefining Happiness, Challenging Consumerism

Cultural Intelligence
Michel Bauwens

Redefining happiness

Challenging consumerism.

Al Ja-zeera,Wednesday, October 17

Many citizens of capitalist countries grow up in cultures that praise individualism and define success as owning bigger and better things. However, psychologists argue that a consumerist approach leaves many people unhappy. Some are challenging the consumption equals happiness mentality by intentionally living with less. So how are people altering the cycle of consumerism?

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Erik Assadourian @Trans4mCultures Senior Fellow, Worldwatch Institute worldwatch.org

Annie Leonard @storyofstuff Co-Director, The Story of Stuff Project storyofstuff.org

Tom Shadyac Hollywood Film Director

What do you think? Is success defined by possessions?

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