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Constraints like major general exclude stuff, and he is normally referrred to as Mike Flynn.  General Mike Flynn DIA is a better search, in part because there is also a General Mike Flynn in the Marine Corps.

Journal: General Mike Flynn from AF to DC

Marcus Aurelius: General Mike Flynn to Head Defense Intelligence Agency

Mini-Me: General Mike Flynn on Intelligence — Earnest Advance or Better Kool-Aid?

NIGHTWATCH: General Flynn’s First Big Decision – Warning is Back at DIA – With Three Specific Suggestions from Robert Steele

Reference: Fixing Intel–A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan

Richard Wright: General Flynn to Head DIA – Exile or Reward? PLUS Comments by BG Bubba Boo, Ralph Peters, and Airborne Ranger

Richard Wright: General Mike Flynn – Taking the Helm of a Rudderless Agency Also Lacking an Engine with Comment by Robert Steele and Follow-On Comment from Richard Wright

Yoda: In with Flynn, Out with What? Can He Effect Change Clapper Could Not?

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U.S. Intelligence Community as Land of Make Believe

And finally, the conversation that General Flynn is probably not having with anyone.

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