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Open education has at least three components:  free access to learning resources; digital access to formerly analog learning resoources (e.g. instructors in classrooms); and learning accomplishment validation (becoming common) or credentialing (rare at this time).  More broadly defined, open education is “root” for any society desiring to be both democratic and prosperous.  Open education has not made the transition to Open Source Everything, but needs to do so — open education along with open books (businesses with public charters), open data, open government, open repositories and open science, all need the other opens in order to be agile, inter-operable, and scalable in an affordable and sustainable manner.  The stakeholders within the legacy education domain are largely afraid, ignorant, and in opposition to change.  They must be embraced, informed, and led.  “Open” is a meme, a mind-set, and a method.  It is a seed crystal for a local to global holistic approach to education, intelligence, and research — three domains that must be integrated — and the foundation for open civil society, open commerce, open government, open law enforcement, open media, open military, and open non-government/non-profit.

NOTE:  This search response does not include Open Access, Open Knowledge and all the other opens that enable and are themselves empowered by Open Education.

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2012 Integrity, Reflexivity, & Open Everything

2012 PREPRINT: The Craft of Intelligence

2011 Open Source Agency: Executive Access Point

2010 M4IS2 Presentacion por Sur America (ANEPE Chile) — 2010 M4IS2 Briefing for South America

20 Sep 2012 Franklin & Marshall College: Internet Technology and the Transformation of the Human

AMERICA: Y UR PEEPS B SO DUM? Ignorance and courage in the age of Lady Gaga

Chuck Spinney: When Lies for a Cause Destroy Science

Connecting the Dots: ALL of Them

David Isenberg: Open Access to Scientific Information

Amazon Page

David Jimenez: Visual Understanding Environment – Open Source, Tufts, Digital Education and Research

DefDog: Law Schools Not Teaching How to Lawyer

DefDog: Nurturing Innovation in Spite of Really Rotten Rote Education + RECAP

Denmark: One Hundred Mobile App Teach Kids Math

Dutch Royal Academy Demands Open Data Plans

Education, Intelligence, & Research: Academic Trends

Event: 22-23 Feb 10 Riverside CA First “Think Outside the Carton” User Conference Including Enterprise Information Mapping

Event: 3-5 Nov 2010, Barcelona Spain, Drumbeat Festival 2010: Learning, freedom and the web

Event: NYC Oct 10-16, MobilityShifts – An International Future of Learning Summit

George Soros Nails It: Intelligence with Integrity

Graphic: 21st Century Learner-Centered Digital Mobile Learning

Howard Rheingold: Cooperation Theory

Howard Rheingold: Crap Detection & Critical Thinking

Howard Rheingold: Infotention Skills + Citizen Intel RECAP

Howard Rheingold: Your Child Will Be Fine – They Live in the Stream…

Hyperlink-Notes on the Future of Education (and the future is now) from Bits to Bots

John Steiner: Neuro-Economics – Convergence + RECAP

Joichi Ito: Internet is an Open-Source Philosophy

John Robb: Free Online Open Source Education + RECAP

John Seely Brown’s New Culture of Learning and US Unified Community Action Network (US UCAN)

Journal: It’s Official–Social Media EDUCATES

Journal: Reinventing Education–Putting Students First

Koko: Universities, iTunes, Learning, and Open Source Everything

Marc Andreessen: US Education Crisis–Young and Old

Michel Bauwens: The Future of Learning, Networked Society – Ericsson YouTube (20:18) + Digital Native Education RECAP

Michel Bauwens: The New Rules of Innovation – Bottom-Up Solutions to Top-Down Problems

Michael Bloomberg, Vice President for Education, Intelligence, & Research — Creating a Smart Nation

MIT (Open) World: Browsing

Network Learning to Team/Autonomous Learning

Next Net, Transitional Net, Autonomous Net

Officer’s Comment on Education vs. Sock Puppetry

Open Source Mobile Tech (SMS) Platforms for Credit, Education, Legal, and Medical

Patrick Meier: DeadUshandi / Ushandi 10% of the Solution

Patrick Meier: Trails of Digital Trustworthness

Patrick Meier: Truth in the Age of Social Media: A Social Computing and Big Data Challenge

Peter Thiel (PayPal) on Education Bubble

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Pierre Levy: Open-Science Movement Catches Fire

Plenty of Spectrum–Not Enough Integrity

Reference: Open Source Agency Synopsis (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

Reference: Personal Aggregate, Filter & Connect Strategies

Reference: Smart Nation Act Draft (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

Review (Guest): Program or be Programmed–Ten Commands for a Digital Age

Review: Big Man on Campus – A University President Speaks Out on Higher Education

Review: Digital Natives & Digital Immigrants

Review: Don’t Bother Me Mom–I’m Learning!

Review: Edutopia–Success Stories for Learning in the Digital Age

Review: Making Learning Whole–How Seven Principles of Teaching can Transform Education

Review: Mobilizing Minds–Creating Wealth From Talent in the 21st Century Organization

Review: Need, Speed and Greed – How the New Rules of Innovation Can Transform Businesses, Propel Nations to Greatness, and Tame the World’s Most Wicked Problems

Review: NET SMART – How to Thrive Online

Review: Philosophy and the Social Problem–The Annotated Edition

Review: Reality Is Broken–Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World

Review: Reflections on Higher Education

Review: Scholarship in the Digital Age–Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet

Review: Seven Complex Lessons for the Future

Review: The Information Diet – A Case for Conscious Consumption

Review: The Mobile Wave

Review: The Social Life of Information

Review: The Telescreen – An Empirical and Philosophical Study of the Destruction of Consciousness in America

Review: The World Is Open–How Web Technology Is Revolutionizing Education

Review: Too Big to Know – Rethinking Knowledge Now That the Facts Aren’t the Facts, Experts Are Everywhere, and the Smartest Person in the Room Is the Room

Review: Unleashing Web 2.0–From Concepts to Creativity

Robert Steele: Data Is the New Oil BUT No One Is Serious About Holistic Analytics, True Cost Economics, Machine or Man-Machine Translation, or M4IS2

Robert Steele: Itemization of Information Pathologies

Robert Steele: Liberation Technology Update

Sean Eaton: Reflections on Education

Search: global brain human brain + RECAP

Search: linking the split brain theory and jungian epistemological balance to architectural pedagogy

Search: solution to education bubble

Sepp Hasslberger: Scientists, Citizens, & Real-Time Pervasive Science

Seth Godin: Back to (the wrong) school — inspires a plan to retrain 44% of the US workforce in one year

Seth Godin on Education Bubble & Alternative

SmartPlanet: Reinventing Education via edX and MOOC [Massive Open Online Courses]

Steve Wheeler: Learning with ‘e’s – Education funnels and webs of learning

Suicide turns attention to Fairfax County school discipline procedures

TED: Sugata Mitra–The child-driven education

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The $12 Computer

Theophilis Goodyear: The “Teflon” Argument – Open-Source Government Can Launch a New Scientific Age with Multinational Open-Source Science Projects

Tom Atlee: Public Wisdom Suggested Reading

Tom Atlee: Two Game-Changers

Video: Visions of the Gamepocalypse, Possible Futures, Waking Up, Thinking, and Creating a Better World

What Presidents Don’t Know About Education Plus RECAP of 6 Star Plus Books Relevant to Creating a Smart Nation with a Strategic Narrative that WORKS

Worth a Look: Books Reviews on Education for Freedom & Innovation

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Innovation

Worth a Look: Books on Reinventing Education Updated July 2012

Worth a Look: Curriculum Reform Forum

Worth a Look: Live Language Lessons Online

Yoda: Child-Driven Education, Convergence of Knowledge

Yoda: Ana Cristina Pratas – Digital Bridges for Learners

Yoda: Education Finally Being Deeply Disrupted & Modernized by Internet

Yoda: Open Virginia – Open and Digital Learning Resources Conference

Yoda: The Corruption of America

Yoda: The Extended School – Obstacles & Possibilities

Big Picture:

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2013 Public Governance in the 21st Century: New Rules, Hybrid Forms, One Constant – The Public

2013 Robert Steele: Reflections on Inspectors General

2011: Inteligencia Empresarial y Estrategia Competitiva en Mercados Internacional – Contexto y Desafio [Commercial Intelligence and Competitive Strategy in International Markets – Context and Challenge]

2011 Thinking About Revolution in the USA and Elsewhere (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

2008: Creating a Smart Nation (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

2008: World Brain as EarthGame (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

1992-2012 CIA Still Does Not “Get” Open Source

Bangladesh Farmers + ICT, Increasing Awareness to Increase Income, Model for Other Countries

Berto Jongman: Ray Kurzweil on Man-Machine Future

Berto Jongman: The Emerging Global Mind

Event: AM 31 Mar Washington Panel on Complexity & Reflexivity, Washington Academy of Sciences + Meta-RECAP

Red Raven: Occupy the Library – Pass It On

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Richard Stallman: Why Open Source Misses the Point of Free Software 1.1

Bojan Radej: Data Journalism Handbook & Graphic Map

Changing the World, One Map at a Time

David Isenberg: Intelligence On Demand in a Mobile Device – Hardy Har Har Choke Cough Gag with Comments by Robert Steele & RIchard Wright

DefDog: InfoWeek Holds Retirement Party for Microsoft

DefDog: Open Source Life – How the open movement will change everything

DefDog: The infamous ‘take down the Internet in 30 minutes’ hearing from 1998 — Tens of Billions Later, NSA and OMB Have Not Done Their Jobs, US Cyber is Wide Open and Unsafe at Any Speed + Meta-RECAP

Event: 8-10 June NYC Strategies for a New Economy

Event: 17-22 Sep Helsinki Open Knowledge Conference

Event: 18 Mar San Francisco Open Source Ventures

Event: 29-31 July 2010, Berkeley CA, Open Science Summit

Event: University Seminar on Reflexive Systems, Open Source Everything, Future of GW — Slides, Answers Posted

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Gary North: Administrative Law (New World Order) versus Democracy (Live Free or Die)

Gary North: Time for Rival Explanations & Solutions + RECAP

Gordon Duff: Mind Control, Lef-Right Myth, Re-Connecting to Reality + Meta-RECAP

Joe Bageant Lives — His Light, Our Brains

John Steiner: Bob Burnett on Renewing Democracy, Shifting Paradigm and Open Letter from Robert Steele

John Steiner: Declaration of Occupation of NYC + Revolution USA RECAP

Journal: Human-Centered Computing (Not…)

Journal: Virginia Sink or Swim

Koko: Serial Entrepreneur Damon Horowitz Says “Quit Your Tech Job and Get a Ph.D. in the Humanities”

John Steiner: Occupy Hearts – Compassion New Currency

Journal: Cyber-Security or Cyber-Scam? Plus Short List of Links to Reviews and Books on Hacking 101

Journal: Librarians and The Accessibility Paradox

Mario Profaca: US Lacks Cyber-Intelligence + RECAP

Michel Bauwens: Alan Moore on Hacking the Future

Michel Bauwens: Indignados are (not so) silently gaining strength

Open Access and International Relations Journals

ON INTELLIGENCE: Open Letter to the President

Paul Fernhout: Comments on Integrity at Scale

Patrick Meier: Advice to Future PhDs from 2 Unusual Graduating PhDs – Blog Twitter Hybrid Teach-Consult Dissertation Focus

PETITION Deadline 19 June, For Open Access to Taxpayer-Funded Research Information

Journal: A Conversation with Clay Shirky

Omidyar Network to Invest $55M in Internet + Mobile Tech for Gov Transparency and Economic Empowerment

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Reference: Building a National Information Strategy (India, 2002)

Reference: Citizen Initiative Review by Tom Atlee

Reference: Diversity of Voices & Values

Reference: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) – All Humans, All Minds, All the Time [Full Text Online for Google Translate]

Reference: Leverage Points – Places to Intervene in a System by Donella Meadows

Reference: The 99% Declaration

Reference: Transparency Killer App Plus “Open Everything” RECAP (Back to 01/2007)

Reference: What Is the One Thing? On Democracy

Reference: World Brain Review

Resources for Powerful Conversations

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Review (Guest): The Penguin and the Leviathan – How Cooperation Triumphs over Self-Interest

Review: A Democratic Approach to Sustainable Futures — A Workbook for Addressing the Global Problematique

Review: Full Spectrum Diplomacy and Grand Strategy – Reforming the Structure and Culture of U.S. Foreign Policy

Review: Homeland Earth

Review: Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy – Iraq, 9/11, and Misguided Reform

Review: Lines of Fire – A Renegade Writes on Strategy, Intelligence, and Security

Review: Mapping the Moral Domain: A Contribution of Women’s Thinking to Psychological Theory and Education

Review: No More Secrets – Open Source Information and the Reshaping of U.S. Intelligence

Review: Nonzero–The Logic of Human Destiny

Review: Pedagogy of Freedom–Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage

Review: Polarity Management – Identifying and Managing Unsolvable Problems

Click on Image to Enlarge

Review: Rebooting the American Dream–11 Ways to Rebuild Our Country

Review: Redesigning Society

Review: Reflexive Practice–Professional Thinking for a Turbulent World

Review: Rescuing the Enlightenment from Itself – Critical and Systemic Implications for Democracy (C. West Churchman’s Legacy and Related Works)

Review: Rethink–A Business Manifesto for Cutting Costs and Boosting Innovation

Review: Sacred Economics – Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition

Review: Seeing What’s Next–Using Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change

Review: SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa

Review: The Beginning of All Things–Science and Religion

Review: The Design of Business–Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage

Review: The Emerging Worldwide Electronic University–Information Age Global Higher Education

Review: The Hidden Wealth of Nations

Review: The Open Source Everything Manifesto – Transparency, Truth & Trust

Review: The Philanthropy of George Soros – Building Open Societies

Review: Unleashing Web 2.0–From Concepts to Creativity

Review: Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World

Review: Why Nations Fail – The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty

Richard Stallman: Free Software Foundation Newsletter #53 August 2012

Richard Stallman: Why Open Source Misses the Point of Free Software 1.1

Richard Wright: Washington Post – No Memory on Iraq & No Integrity on Iran

Robert Steele: Citizen in Search of Integrity (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

Robert Steele: Future-Proofing the City

Robert Steele: Global Trends 2030 – Gaps + RECAP

Robert Steele: Open Answers to Adam Dorwart

Robert Steele: Reflections on United Nations Intelligence & Counterintelligence

Robert Steele: World Bank Open Access / Open Knowledge

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Search: 21st Century

Search: design thinking and public administratio

Search: errors that resulted in great ideas

Search: global brain human brain + RECAP

Search: holistic cybernetic integral

Search: leadership thinking models

Search: open source intelligence center

Search: smart nation intelligence reform electoral reform national security reform

Search: the death of humint + HUMINT RECAP

SmartPlanet: Open Mind = Resilience

Theophilis Goodyear: Panarchy versus Anarchy – Non-Hierarchal, Network-Controled Governance + Panarchy RECAP

Tom Atlee: Six Faces of Wholeness

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USA Has Become Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

USA: Thirteen Big Lies — Needed Counter-Narrative

U.S. Intelligence Community as Land of Make Believe

Venessa Miemis: Infrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems

Worth a Look: Citizen Science

Worth a Look: Design Earth

Worth a Look: Field To Market–The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

Worth a Look: Innovation Orientation

Worth a Look: Libre Projects – Free Web Services & Alternatives

Worth a Look: Open Farm Technology

Worth a Look: Talking Plants–Sensor to Shooter

Worth a Look: UNICEF RapidSMS

Yoda: Best 10 Countries for the Internet – None in Africa

Yoda: Big Data Hype Small Data Hype Visualization Hype – “Technology is not a substitute for thinking”

Yoda: Real-Time Crowd-Sourcing + Twitter Meta-RECAP

Robert David STEELE Vivas
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