Stephen E Arnold: Google: Do What We Say, Ignore What We Do, Just Heel!

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Google: Do What We Say, Ignore What We Do, Just Heel!
If this Reddit diagram is on the money, we have a great example of how Google management goes about rule making. The post is called “Google Can’t Pass Its Own Page Speed Test.” The post was online on June 5, 2021, but when Beyond Search posts this short item, that Reddit post may be tough to find.

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Marshall Masters: The Liberation of Humanity

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A terrible vengeance will claim millions if not hundreds of millions and trigger a global freedom movement into action in the months ahead.

Concurrently, the hotly suppressed election audit in Maricopa County, AZ, if allowed to proceed, will set in motion Trump’s eventual return to the White House, wherever that may be.

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Yoda: Why Isn’t Everyone in Florida Dead or in the Hospital?

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As usual, leftist ideas fail miserably.

I'm one of the few brave souls in the American media who warned and advised from day one (back in early March 2020) not to lock down the American people or the economy.

I argued the following:

*That lockdowns wouldn't stop COVID-19, because you can't stop a virus.

*That there was never a reason to lock down everyone. Anyone relatively young or healthy never had a reason to fear death from COVID. The survival rate has been reported at 99%, especially for anyone relatively healthy under the age of 65.

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Mongoose: “How Did Democrats Wind Up Believing Such Crap?” – Bill Maher Blasts Liberal Media’s COVID ‘Panic Porn’

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Comedian Bill Maher used his HBO show once again to highlight some awkward ‘facts' and ask some uncomfortable questions about media and politicians approach to COVID.

He rightly decries the politicization of medicine and the manner in which the media has been a handmaiden of panic throughout. Let us hope that his monologue, transcript below, is a foreshadowing of what will soon emerge as the conventional wisdom.

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James Fetzer: What’s Wrong with Conspiracy Theories?

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The public has been fed an endless stream of attacks upon conspiracy theories, which, we are told, are supposed to be very bad for human beings and other living things. But precisely why is almost never explained. And when you consider that our political parties and the mainstream media indulge themselves in conspiracy theories, such as the claim that Russia interfered with the 2016 election (otherwise Donald Trump could never have been elected) or, alternatively, that Dominion voting machines were used to steal the election of 2020 (and otherwise could not have been defeated) are, in the first instance, promoted by the media (in spite of virtually no evidence at all) and, in the second, denied thereby (in spite of massive supporting proof). Both are conspiracy theories, where one appears to be true and the other appears to be false.

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