GI Wilson: Sandy Situation on Google Crisis Map, USMC and USN Helping — Sea Bees and Red Hats Not Visible

Col GI Wilson, USMC (Ret)

We do have active duty Marines from 26 MEU and CLB….why the SeaBees Gurad, and DOD are not setting up tent camps is beyond me unless DHS-FEMA wants to re-do the trailer cities it did for Kartinia but way too late……suspect there is turf battles going on……what are the unions doing???Hmmmmmm!

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Below is URL for a useful Google crisis map with multiple icons that can be turned on and off.  Western Long Island and the entire coastal area north and south of New York City is the center of gravity for aid that is NOT getting here as quickly and coherently as it should, AND we have another storm on the way for which few are ready.

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